How to add value to your event using new technologies and web-based features

Technologies and web-based features are developing at an extremely rapid pace, and choosing options that can add value to one’s business can be overwhelming at times. Here is a quick guide that can help with your shopping.

How to add value to your event using new technologies and web-based features

Using existing resources: your website for online event features

Possibilities are now endless when it comes to the web, and the manipulation of your website can allow the creation of pages that are dedicated to your clients’ events. By now, online registration is a common feature of any event. Using your website to support registrations and transactions is a great way to add value to your events at low cost.

Plug-ins like Event Espresso (can be added to any WordPress website) allow you to create event registration, display information to the attending guests, and send out confirmations with unique individual QR codes allowing guests to check-in upon arrival. Prices vary from $0 to $1,300.00 per month depending on the level of customization and the number of events you wish to create.

Using platforms like Eventbrite can be a very cost efficient way to offer services from registration to ticketing. The events can also be hosted on your own website and can be customized to suit your needs.

You may also use the event page to gather feedback, share photographs and encourage lead generation by creating a contact list. This will leave a great impression on the event participants and help you be remembered when it is time for your client to book their next event.

Mobile applications and responsive web design – making the right choice

Smart phones and tablets are in everyone’s pockets, and one can’t help but wonder if a mobile app can be a good selling feature for any given event. In the case of meeting planners, a large number of options are available, and companies like Apps for Events  and Grupio offer a wide variety of products and services dedicated to event driven applications.

Standard services generally include event information, schedules, ratings, feedback and note taking. More customized apps can include listings, maps, lead generation and messaging between attendees. The value added is great as most of us enjoy having all the information available at the tip of our fingers without having to carry around hard copies.

Prices can vary anywhere from $500.00 to $20,000.00 depending on the customization level. On the downside, most applications cannot be used for more than one event or one client; development for non-repeat events can thus make this option quite costly.

This brings us back to the original idea of utilizing your website by building pages that are dedicated to any given event on your website. By now, any given website can detect the platform that is being used to access it; using responsive web design can be a great way to go mobile without necessarily creating a mobile application. The cost of adapting your website to Apple, Android and Blackberry platforms varies depending on your web service provider.

The lesson we can draw from this is that the options and possibilities are endless. When it comes to web based solutions, anything can be done at a range of different costs. Measuring the value added and the ROI can be difficult at times, but we should keep in mind that offering features like dedicated websites and mobile applications always gives that extra something your client may be looking for.

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