Five tips for ordering golf balls with logo for your next golf outing

It seems so simple. But ordering imprinted golf balls for a corporate golf outing can get tricky. Here are some tips for finding the right one for your group.

Five tips for ordering golf balls with logo for your next golf meeting

Assess the group’s skill level. Some groups are just party golfers. In other words, they’re there to be outside, drink beer and have fun with their friends. Sometimes they are not that skilled and this outing may be the only time they are out on the course every year. Then there are the more serious golfers who are almost pro level. Every outing is a championship round for them! This will be important information for the next phase of the buying process.

Choose a ball appropriate for the group’s skill level. For the party golfers, almost any golf ball will do. They aren’t really that picky if it’s a no-name ball or a brand name. So you can select a cheaper brand or a generic ball and save some money, especially since many may end up getting lost in the sand traps anyway! For the every-stroke-is-life-or-death pro or highly skilled amateur crowd, select one of the more expensive brands that is still within your budget.

Plan to give one sleeve of balls per golfer. Typically, one sleeve of golf balls is given to each golfer, although I have supplied an outing where the client gave each golfer a dozen pack. That’ll run into some dollars for sure! Balls are usually packaged in dozen packs which translates into four sleeves of three balls each. To calculate what you need to order, multiply your number of golfers by 3, then divide that number by 12. That will give you how many dozens you need to order. Round up to the next dozen if you end up with a number and a fraction (i.e., 12.5). With rare exception, on imprinted brand name golf balls, the minimum number of dozens you can order is 12.

Don’t haggle and don’t get in trouble. Here’s a little secret about the promotional products industry. Margins on logo golf balls are extremely small. Many distributors only offer them as a courtesy to their clients and in addition to other golf promos. So don’t plan on haggling on price. Plus, don’t think you can buy them on sale at the sporting goods superstore and have an imprinting company put your logo on them. That is a violation of golf manufacturer licensing agreements and could land you in a hot water hazard (pun intended).

Simplify your logo. Yes, I’m sure your logo is a work of art. Now let’s shrink that down to about 7/8” inches in diameter. Still legible? If not, work with your logo designer to create a special interpretation of your logo for this application. You’ll protect your image and build your brand by doing so.

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