Exhibition Place transfers $3 million operating surplus to the City of Toronto

After a successful 2011 year-end audit for Exhibition Place, a favourable variance of $3,096,380 was reported. Exhibition Place’s 2011 success was built upon a combination of strategic planning and execution in the solicitation of new meeting, conventions and tradeshows, a successful Canadian National Exhibition and responsible operating expense management.

Home to the award-winning Direct Energy Centre, Allstream Centre, BMO Field and Canadian National Exhibition; Exhibition Place’s downtown Toronto location offers superior vehicular and public transit access, is accessible from two major airports and as a premiere exhibition venue in Canada has contributed to the 2011 surplus benefiting the City of Toronto.

“Exhibition Place plays an important role in Toronto and Canada’s economic fibre by providing the leading marketplace for meetings, conventions, tradeshows and sporting events in Canada. We are proud to facilitate a profitable success and generate $3 million for the City of Toronto,” said Chair of the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place, Councillor Mark Grimes. In the last five years Exhibition Place has contributed over $11.8 million operating surplus to the City of Toronto.

Exhibition Place’s service teams work closely with meeting planners and show producers to maximize event success, increase environmental practices and to operate a profitable business.

“I would like to thank the Exhibition Place employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment,” said Dianne Young, CEO. “To achieve a positive result as we come out of a recessionary period is something to be commended.”

About Exhibition Place

Exhibition Place is Canada’s largest entertainment venue, attracting over 5.3 million visitors a year. The 192-acre site is an integral component of Toronto and Ontario’s economy, particularly with respect to sport, festivals, recreation, culture and tourism. Exhibition Place has won several awards such as the Platinum Waste Minimization Award from the Recycling Council of Canada. Through the GREENSmart program, Exhibition Place serves as a model for other organizations to operate successfully while being environmentally friendly. Exhibition Place is the home of Direct Energy Centre, Allstream Centre, Better Living Centre and the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

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