Pinterest 101 for event planners

Pinterest for corporate meeting professionalsIf you haven’t heard of Pinterest by now, let me tell you a little bit about it. Pinterest is all about inspiring others, and depending on what line of business you’re in, you can use it to do just that.

It’s a short-form blogging site, allowing individuals to take various images, which are called “pins,” and place them on customized boards. You can create boards on nearly any topic, ranging from food, humour, decor, and so on. These images are shared with followers and friends, giving them the option to repin, like, or comment on the pin.

Why should you use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a website driven by images; the users collect their favorite pictures on boards.

Every board is like an open canvass. However, Pinterest can be used for more than sharing pretty pictures, and many users have devised clever ways to use the site as a tool for project management, brainstorming and marketing their businesses.

What is a pin?

A “pin” is an image added to Pinterest. A pin can be added from a website or any images on your computer by using the “Pin It” button.  Pins are added to boards on Pinterest.

What is a board?

A board is a set of pins. A board can be created on any topic, such as events, venues, food styling, travel ideas and many more. You can have many boards, and they can be filled with hundreds of pins.

How to use pins

Once the user has an idea of what boards to create and interests to highlight, the next step is to populate their boards with pins. If you are pinning an image from your computer, make sure credit is given to the photographer or the link the pin came from.

Who to follow on Pinterest

Think about what and who inspires you in your profession. If you are a meeting planner, find another meeting planner that you admire and follow them. You never know what you may find for your next event or your next product.

Follow users that can help you find more inspiration and further get you involved in Pinterest. When setting up an account, users are able to find their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts, directly connecting them with their contacts.

Sell your products

By adding a price to your pinned item, you can direct users to your online shop, and your post will be automatically listed under Pinterest’s Gifts section. This is a great way to sell your items or even your services.

Invite customers to your events

You can invite your clients to your events on Pinterest by pinning your invitation on your board. It’s a fast way to ensure that users get all the details of your upcoming events in one place.

Pinterest is also a great way to share photos and videos from your events, and get your customers to post their own shots as well. Event planners can also use Pinterest to showcase their work, so that customers can see at a glance the variety of styles and ideas that they offer. Pinterest has a great visual layout, and people love pictures.

How do you become a Pinterest member?

At the moment Pinterest is invite-only. You can either request an invite directly through Pinterest or by receiving an invitation from a user that is currently registered on Pinterest. Once you request an invite, a Pinterest staff member should send you a invite within a few days.

Happy pinning!

About the author

Angela Zaltsman, CMP, is Principal of A to Z Event Management. A to Z delivers complete event management services for corporate clients who desire the finest in service, quality and venues. From start to finish, the company offers fresh, creative design, strict budgeting and precise management of each and every event. Zaltsman is a career event planner with more than 17 years of experience serving discriminating clientele in the restaurant, catering and meeting planning industries.

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