Top 10 tips for exercising on the road

Healthy business travel: Top 10 tips for exercising on the road
Let’s face it, exercising on the road can be a challenge…especially if you don’t have a system in place to make it happen. But the payoff to exercise, both on the road and at home, is huge.

When I start working with an executive or entrepreneur for the first time, she/he is often surprised I am concerned about ensuring his/her fitness level is in good shape. After all, I am an executive coach and what does health and wellness have to do with being your best at work, they ask? I believe wellness has a lot to do with how you perform. When we are happy and healthy, we have greater focus and can even better preserve our brain cells. Exercise is a win-win solution for you personally and professionally.

Carey-Ann’s top 10 exercise on the road success tips:

  1. Pack for success – Ensure you bring your running shoes and weather appropriate workout gear.
  2. Start early – Not only does the ‘early bird get the worm,’ but the early bird tends to be more fit on the road. As your day progresses, you are more likely to get side tracked or tired and opt to forgo your exercise. When you workout first thing, you know it’s done. Any additional exercise you do throughout the day is just a bonus.
  3. Get outdoors – As a speaker, coach and owner of my life and leadership development firm, Potential Unlimited, I get to travel to some really amazing places. The problem? Most of my events are indoors so unless I make an effort to get outside, I am missing the chance to check out amazing cities and resort communities. I make sure to spend an hour each day exercising outdoors. Running or walking is a great way to enjoy your destination.
  4. Turn your hotel room into a gym – Go ahead, turn on that clock radio and crank up the tunes. Do some sit-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks (with your running shoes on as hotel floors tend to be hard on the joints).
  5. Choose a hotel with a nice gym or pool – Part of being successful at exercising on the road involves proper planning. Ensure you book a hotel with good gym facilities or that is located near walking/running trails.
  6. Be safe – If the only time you can exercise is at night and you are not familiar with the area, either stay inside at the gym or ask your concierge where the safest and most populated place is to go for a walk or run.
  7. Try something new – Just because you are away for work doesn’t mean you can’t add some fun into your exercise. Try renting a bike or a pair of roller blades.
  8. Talk to others about what you are doing – There is no need to hide the fact that exercise is important to you. There is nothing wrong with taking an hour out of your busy work day, either at home or on the road, to take care of yourself. Chances are you’ll inspire others to take better care of their health too.
  9. Recruit your colleagues – Bring some of your colleagues along for a walk or to the hotel gym with you. This way if you are having a sluggish morning and don’t feel like hitting the gym, your colleagues can help support you and get you out of bed. You will feel much better once you are exercising, which releases endorphins – a feel good chemical in your brain.
  10. Buy a pedometer – Pedometers are the little devices you clip onto your pants to track the number of steps you take. Research has shown healthy adults should be taking at least 10,000 steps each day.

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