Industry update: News and views from the BEICC

BEICC held the first of many planned Town Halls at the InterContinental Hotel on October 3, 2012 and invited members of the various associations to attend. More than 30 people from a variety of associations attended to get an update on BEICC activities.

On hand to discuss trends affecting the business events industry in Canada was Warren Evans, CSP, Hall of Fame, who advised that if associations continue to protect their turf, and don’t work with each other, their association will die alone. Evans took audience members through an exercise that will help BEICC focus its efforts over the coming year. The top concerns for those in attendance were:

  • To get the message of the upcoming Economic Impact Study out to business and government sectors so there is a better understanding of the contribution the meetings industry makes to the economy;
  • To develop the ability to tap into all levels of government across the country;
  • To pursue joint association education issues that are common to a variety of associations; and
  • To pursue CTC Funding

What activities has BEICC been involved in?


This is the issue where BEICC cut its teeth. We know there are still a lot of questions surrounding this issue. However, BEICC has been given the knowledge and power to act on behalf of member associations (Board Director Joe Orecchio currently sits on the TICO Advisory Panel). Because we know this issue exists currently in B.C. and Quebec, BEICC is watching the situation carefully in these provinces and is keeping an eye on all other Canadian provinces as well. For more information on the TICO ruling, FAQ’s and more, visit

Alcohol laws

In British Columbia, BEICC has been made aware of changes to the liquor laws that will impact member associations. BEICC is currently investigating how our organization can help members adapt and/or accomplish changes to the laws. For more information, please visit the follow links:

Special occasions permits in Ontario

Thanks to recent changes, these permits are now easier to obtain. Prior to July 1, 2012, a planner had to get a Special Occasions Permit (SOP) at the closest liquor store to where the event is happening. Now, an SOP can be obtained at any liquor store in Ontario. For more information on the new regulations visit:

MPI Canadian economic impact study

As the study moves into a deeper investigation of the economic value of meetings, BEICC will be working alongside MPI Foundation when the study is rolled out to aid, in any way possible, in getting the information to the right groups. According to Ron Guitar, CMP, MPI Foundation Canada, The Canadian Economic Impact Study 3.0 (CEIS 3.0) will be a continuation of the original ground breaking report released in 2008 and updated in 2009. The new study will include:

  • Measurement of meeting organizers and meeting venues revenues and expenditures
  • Collection of survey data detailing meetings related expenditures by participants
  • Calculation of meetings sector direct and indirect impact on the Canadian economy, including GDP contribution
  • Employment supported by the economic activity generated by meetings in Canada

(Source: MEETING Magazine, September/October 2012,, page 19, written by Ron Guitar)


New announcements in SOCAN payments have prompted BEICC to review the impact to BEICC member associations. According to the new rules, effective May 26, 2012, any event with live music will have to pay an additional tariff to Re:Sound through SOCAN for use of the music. The two variables are: Is there dancing? What is the capacity of the room? The web page provided below will give you all the details. This new law will impact those designing events. Your best line of defence: Discuss SOCAN with your venue, your entertainers and your technical (audio-visual) provider.

New BEICC blog

BEICC has recently launched its new blog as a forum for updates about the industry and for members of the business events industry to discuss issues of concerns. Our goal is that these concerns and issues will help BEICC take a proactive approach to issues that will have an impact on events and meetings in Canada.

BEICC at industry trade shows:

In the past year, BEICC has been present at the following tradeshows:

  • iBE (Ignite Expo) June 2012
  • IncentiveWorks (Meetings & Incentive Travel) August 2012

Watch for BEICC at future industry shows where you can share your concerns with us or even volunteer!

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