Emerging display technologies

The big picture of video innovation

As visual communications technology continues to further define itself, the meetings and events industry is reaping the benefits of a diverse range of interactive display solutions.

Practically impossible to ignore, these cutting-edge technologies create striking visuals and powerful presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Picture-perfect puzzle piecesVideo wall

Looking to give your next meeting a maximum-impact, high-tech visual edge? Think outside of the rectangle with a customized video wall. A video wall consists of multiple displays tightly tiled together to form one large screen. Video walls are ideal for indoor spaces with fairly high levels of ambient light, venues where access is limited, or environments in which conventional projection will not work well. The panels can be arranged to create large-format video walls of virtually any size with flexible design options.

Whether it functions as a single, larger-than-life display with an image appearing seamlessly across multiple screens, or as an array of adjacent individual images, such as event bulletins, videos and sponsorship ads, video walls draw attendees into your visual content by immersing them in resolution-rich imagery.

Just-a-touch technology

Imagine the speaker at your next event breezing confidently through his presentation, not distracted by fumbling with a pointer or tinkering with a mouse and keyboard. With just a tap or finger stroke of the screen, he moves smoothly from one slide to the next, zooming in on key information simply by pinching his fingers on the display. The audience is captivated as he interacts with his presentation material and manipulates objects on-screen with just a touch of his hand.

Designed to enhance the communication experience, touch screen display technology has muscled its way into corporate meeting environments. A touch screen can detect the movement and location of a finger within the display area (similar to that of a smartphone or tablet). This movement and location information is transmitted to the computer where it is translated into specific actions. In addition to giving presenters a cool mechanism to create dynamic and engaging presentations, touch screens are effective tools to involve attendees in surveys, research and contests and can be used as an interactive digital signage monitor for way-finding.

Walk-through walls Fog screen for corporate meetings and events

At the opposite end of the spectrum from touch screens is a practically intangible display solution. These unique screens are generating a buzz across the professional event planning circuit and are likely to give presenters and audiences the most memorable entrance and exit of their lives.

Walk-through projection screens, also known as a fog screens, are an innovative technology that creates a sheet of fog solid enough to display a projected image but diffuse enough to walk through. Fog screens are generally semi-translucent but when struck with a projection image or lighting, they becomes semi-opaque. This misty formation allows people or objects to magically appear through the fog wall, creating a dramatic and unforgettable entrance at a meeting, gala or tradeshow.

This year’s fresh crop of event display technology is all about the transmission of messages in entertaining and interactive ways that are more likely to be retained by audiences. In a world in which most of what we learn comes from what we see, meeting planners can use the novelty of these interactive display solutions to help their meeting attendees see the big picture.

About the author

Heidi Welker is vice president of marketing for AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions and chair of the company’s product innovation committee. AVW-TELAV connects people in meaningful ways by enhancing the power of meetings, conventions, special events and trade shows through leading-edge presentation technology solutions.

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