Tourisme Montréal’s #MTLMOMENTS campaign takes home two Boomerang awards

The success and creativity of Tourisme Montréal’s marketing strategies were celebrated at the 19th edition of the Boomerang Awards, during which the #MTLMOMENTS campaign took top honours in two categories, including a Grand Prize, in the Social Media Strategy and Integrated Campaign categories respectively. The prestigious awards ceremony, which showcased the best interactive communication initiatives in Quebec, was held last December 5 at the TOHU with several advertising industry members in attendance.

As such, the #MTLMOMENTS campaign came away with a Grand Prize in the Social Media Strategy category for its innovative and creative use of social media and for the quality of interactions subsequently generated in benefit of the brand, which, in this case, is the “Montréal” destination.

Furthermore, Tourisme Montréal was also honoured with an award in the Integrated Campaign category, which rewards on and offline strategies supported by media buying. As such, the campaign’s great innovation, interaction and digital integration were recognized. The #MTLMOMENTS campaign is as comprehensive as it is extensive, entailing both online and print media buying, video, content production, presence in the field thanks to giant frames set up in strategic locations throughout the city and a strong social media presence.

Launched last May, the #MTLMOMENTS campaign aims to showcase spontaneous “moments” experienced by Montrealers and tourists throughout the city. Based on user-generated content, this initiative provided a simple and enjoyable way for local residents, visitors and influencers to share their favourite places or activities, subsequently creating genuine and updated content about the destination.

“Much more than just a campaign, #MTLMOMENTS marks a turning point in the way Tourisme Montréal presents the city to visitors. Rather than imposing a vision of what we think they should see, we let people do the talking and show us their Montréal. We’ve reached out to employees, members and Montrealers to share their love for their city,” highlights Emmanuelle Legault, Vice President of Marketing at Tourisme Montréal. “Their good moments are the best way to convince tourists to come visit.”

As a result, several tools were also created by Tourisme Montréal, including a good practices handbook to assist and train members on how best to use social media. These different tools were shared with the entire Quebec tourism industry.

Thanks to the unprecedented response and enthusiasm by users, over 30,000 #MTLMOMENTS have been shared to date (via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Furthermore, visitor traffic to the adaptive website has increased by 22% and Tourisme Montréal’s You Tube channel has recorded close to 2 million hits.

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