Mixing it up with the bourbon trend

Mixing it up with the bourbon trend“Shaken, not stirred.” Thank you, Mr. Bond. And hey Carrie, (Bradshaw that is) cosmopolitans took on a whole new level of popularity in your hands!

Today, thanks in part to the spirits-soaked habits of Mad Men’s Don Draper and pals, we have a new “it” drink capturing the tastes of a fresh generation of spirit and cocktail lovers.

Some have called it “The Screaming Eagle”, others the “The Kicking Chicken”. I know it simply as bourbon – a spirit rich in colour and richer in flavour. It’s an incredible blend of smoke and heat, sweetness and oak, warming and soothing all at the same time. It’s smooth and delicious. And bottled between 80 and 125 proof, bourbon can pack a wee punch!

Some fun facts for your next trivia contest:

  • Bourbon must have a corn base of at least 51 per cent – that’s what makes it bourbon.
  • It’s aged in brand new charred oak barrels for at least two years, with premium bourbons aging for upwards of 12 to 18 years.
  • After that, those oak barrels are often shipped off to Scotland for use by whiskey makers. Bourbon makers cannot use them again.
  • Nothing but nothing can be added to the mash except water – what you see is what you get! (See next point for more on this!)
  • And finally – if it doesn’t meet all kinds of strict U.S. federal legal standards, it can’t be called bourbon. There’s serious State-side pride in this drink!

Mixologists designing the latest innovations, and creating the latest trends in alcoholic beverages, are relying on bourbon as a flavorful complement to fashion up-to-the-moment cocktail creations. And many of the old standards – Manhattans, old fashioneds and the venerable mint julep have found favour once again with a whole new crowd.

Chefs too have discovered multiple uses for the spirit: bourbon and barbecue, bourbon steamed fish, Latino and Asian recipes infused with bourbon sauces and marinades. Add to this entire menus inspired by bourbon, and voila, bourbon wears the new crown.

Bring Kentucky to your next event!

With a plethora of festivals and events celebrating this one drink – its history, its production process, its usages and its flavour, bourbon themed experiences abound. Try:

  • Sampling – Switch from traditional whiskey, wine or beer tastings. Try Bourbon tastings as an alternative. (See some helpful tips here.)
  • Culinary creations – Offer your guests a bourbon styled menu. (Some ideas for you at http://www.jimbeam.com/bourbon-recipes/food-recipes.)

Mixology events:

Or bring your next event to Kentucky!

Did you know that the Bourbon Trail home to Kentucky’s finest distilleries has become a hot ticket for destination tourism? The area is awash in history, horses, and of course, in bourbon.

Did you know that Kentucky boasts the only bourbon themed hotel? Called the Marriott Louisville East,  this hotel has partnered with the Bourbon Trail to highlight Kentucky’s bourbon pride.

As they say in Kentucky, cheers!

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