Canada meetings industry delivered more than $29 billion in 2012, according to study produced by the MPI Foundation Canada

The Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation Canada announced on National Meetings Industry Day the preliminary results of the Canadian Economic Impact Study (CEIS) 3.0. The study will detail the economic significance of meetings, specifically business events, held in Canada in 2012, and represents a continuation of reporting published in 2008 and later updated in 2009. It is also the first report to quantify the value delivered by the meeting and event industry to Canada’s economy at the regional, provincial and metropolitan levels.

CEIS 3.0 national results include:

  • In 2012, business events in Canada attracted 35.3 million participants and involved $29.1 billion in direct spending across a broad range of participants and non-participants.
  • These events delivered $27.5 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2012 – approximately 1.5 per cent of Canada’s total GDP.
  • Business events contributed $8.5 billion in taxes and service fees to all levels of government.
  • Business events supported employment of more than 200,000 full-year jobs directly – nearly double that of telecommunications or utilities.
  • Including indirect and induced employment effects, business events in Canada supported more than 340,000 full-year jobs.
  • These economic effects were generated by more than 585,000 business events held in Canada during 2012 in more than 2,000 venues.

“We believe this latest research will be instrumental toward enhancing the perception of the meeting and event industry in Canada – similar to past reports. The CEIS 3.0 results are strong and serve as further proof that our industry delivers significant value to the Canadian economy,” said Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of MPI.

According to the CEIS 3.0, following is the breakdown of the gross provincial product by province:

  • Ontario: $8.6 billion
  • Alberta: $5.5 billion
  • British Columbia: $4.3 billion
  • Quebec: $4.3 billion
  • Manitoba: $1.4 billion
  • Saskatchewan: $1.0 billion
  • Nova Scotia: $990 million
  • New Brunswick: $700 million
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: $390 million
  • Prince Edward Island: $106 million
  • Territories: $110 million

This latest study was conducted by Maritz Research Canada, the Conference Board of Canada, Greenfield Services Inc., and the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council on behalf of the MPI Foundation Canada. Inputs for the analysis were collected via in-depth survey responses from venue managers, meeting organizers, exhibitors, speakers, delegates, and destination marketing organizations. The CEIS 3.0 was made possible through the MPI Foundation and contributions from a number of Canadian industry stakeholders.

Moreover, the initial CEIS is the first study to detail the meetings sector industries using World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) guidelines. With the CEIS 3.0, the methodology has been improved with an increased focus on business events and excludes consumer shows and social events per the direction of the latest UNWTO guidelines.

As previously announced, the MPI Foundation Canada will transfer ownership of the CEIS today to the Business Events Industry Coalition of Canada (BEICC) for in-market activation. The goal with this strategic move is to gain more collaborative support and exposure for the study.

To view the CEIS 3.0 Executive Summary and the full launch schedule, visit

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