The International Centre announces three new corporate social responsibility initiatives

As the leading venue of choice for socially-minded businesses and individuals, The International Centre continues to demonstrate its focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the launch of its newest sustainability initiatives.

Further demonstrating its role as a leading facility in sustainable practices, The International Centre’s newest initiatives showcase the company’s commitment to setting high standards of environmental stewardship, community outreach and employee engagement.

1. Received two sustainable venue certifications

  • Level One ASTM/APEX Certification for Environmentally Sustainable Meetings and Events. This standard was made in part with the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) to develop different levels of voluntary specifications for the events industry surrounding sustainable events and meetings.
  • 4 Key Rating from Green Key Meetings v2.0. Green Key Global formulated a new rating system for green meetings in conjunction with the MPI Foundation to assess sustainability and CSR initiatives based on six different specifications: Core Areas (Waste, Water, Energy), Communication, Activities, Health, Exhibitions and Audio/Visual.

“We have been committed to sustainability and CSR for many years now, and it is exciting to reach a new level in this commitment,” says Sonya Poorter, Sustainability Officer, The International Centre. “Receiving these certifications means that alongside other venues, The International Centre is working towards creating a more responsible and sustainable business event industry.”

As the first venue within Canada to receive a 4 key rating with the new Green Meetings Standard, and one of only 10 venues in North America with an ASTM/APEX Certification, The International Centre has solidified their commitment to sustainability, CSR and supporting a more responsible event industry.

Earning these two certifications continues to demonstrate The International Centre as a leading venue of choice for planners seeking to make environmentally responsible events.

2. Developed innovative Humber College partnership

As a long-time supporter of Humber College, The International Centre has taken their partnership with the institution’s School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism to a new innovative level. Beginning in September 2014, The International Centre will be the site of one of the program’s mandatory courses outlined in their student curriculum. Utilizing on-site resources, real-time situations and management staff, The International Centre will design and teach the course weekly for a 15-week period to Humber students.

“After great discussions on creating something innovative, we feel this opportunity to provide real-life situational learning a bonus for the program and for Humber students,” says The International Centre’s Director of Operations & Sustainability, Trevor Lui (who will lead the teaching initiative). “We value our partnership with Humber and have great alumni embedded in our workforce here; we hope this is the beginning of something much bigger.”

3. Launched updated Sustainable Event Guide 2.0

Developed by The International Centre, the Sustainable Event Guide incorporates sustainable principles at all levels of an event’s organization and implementation. As the first venue of its size in Ontario to offer a complete guide of this caliber, The International Centre’s Sustainable Event Guide will provide organizers and members of planning groups’ helpful tools and resources to achieve a more sustainable event. These guidelines are fully scalable for events of all sizes and varieties and theses helpful tools and ideas will make planning a sustainable event that much easier.

“This is a tried and tested tool built specifically for our customers where we’ve taken care of the heavy lifting to achieve a more sustainable event,” says Trevor Lui.

To download a copy of the Sustainable Event Guide, visit

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