Latest CEIR report offers critical advice on disengagement techniques for exhibit booth staff

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announces the release of its latest report, Once the Conversation is Over – It’s Over! Written by exhibit marketing expert Barry Siskind, this report reviews essential disengagement techniques to enable exhibit staff to effectively and positively conclude conversations with attendees.

“It is as important to know how to effectively end a conversation with attendees as it is to engage with them,” says CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM. “Business-to-business exhibitions are time compressed marketing opportunities. To assure exhibit staff engage with as many target attendees as possible, a systematic disengagement approach is key.”

Author Barry Siskind notes, “What today’s millennials want from exhibitors is a welcoming and engaging approach. These same Millennials want to make sure that the time they spend at a booth is productive. Yet many booth staff miss the signals that the conversation is over, and neglect to end it politely and professionally. Mastering the skills of disengagement has never been more important.”

This report discusses how to implement two disengagement approaches: presumptive disengagement and conciliatory disengagement. Each approach is broken out into three steps, with examples on how to put the approaches into action.

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