IAEE expands membership categories

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events™ (IAEE) has added three new categories to its membership offerings – Auxiliary Member, Corporate Event or Exhibit Marketer, and Educational Institution – in order to further define and enhance IAEE’s membership types and offerings to specialists in the exhibitions and events industry.

“IAEE periodically reviews its membership categories to ensure it is serving current and potential members in the best way possible,” says 2014 Dues Task Force Chairperson Randy Bauler, CEM. “Members of the Dues Task Force are confident these new categories will clarify and expand the benefits of IAEE membership.”

The Auxiliary Member category applies to individuals who have been members of IAEE, but are no longer employed in the exhibitions and events industry and want to remain involved in the organization. Auxiliary members shall not be entitled to vote, hold office or be a Director in the Corporation. The membership rate of $99 would revert to the regular industry dues structure if the individual starts his/her own company or gains employment with an organization in the industry. If an individual loses his/her job, he/she is entitled to six months of free membership, and then $99 after the initial six months, subject to review and confirmation by IAEE. An auxiliary member would be required to reapply each year to maintain this category.

The Corporate Event or Exhibit Marketer category applies to individuals or organizations that use or create experiential events to market programs, products and/or services to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations. The organization-only rate of $539 is subject to periodic increases to be kept in line with the other membership categories. If the organization produces their own event, that would take precedence over exhibit or event marketing, and they would then fall under the Industry Member category.

The Educational Institution category entitles each institution to designate as many faculty and student members as the institution chooses to submit each year. The educational institution dues are $539 per year. IAEE recently welcomed the School of Hospitality Leadership at East Carolina University as its first educational institution member.

“The School of Hospitality Leadership at East Carolina University is delighted to become an ‘institutional’ member of IAEE,” says George G. Fenich, Ph.D., Professor, Meetings, Expositions, Events, Conventions at ECU. “This is a unique opportunity among meetings/events related associations, which engages both faculty and students under the programmatic umbrella to interact in a collaborative environment.”

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