UFI’s 14th Global Barometer Survey of the exhibition industry reflects positive perspectives for 2015

Results of UFI’s 14th Global Barometer survey indicate positive perspectives for 2015. The situation appears rather solid with a majority of companies from all regions declaring an increase of their turnover since at least 2011. However, less than one company out of two declares an increase of annual profit of more than 10 per cent for 2014 and only 41% of respondents consider that the economic crisis is now over.

Detailed results for several key national markets indicate a general positive outlook on all issues for 2014 and 2015 for both the USA and China, with a small slowdown in turnover increase anticipated in China for 2015. Significant differences appear in Europe, with turnover increases expected in 2015 varying from two companies out of three in Turkey or Italy to one in two in Germany and only one in 10 in Russia.

The most important business issues remain related to the general economic situation with the state of the national/regional economy and global economic uncertainty consistently selected as among the three most important business issues for the last four years together with local competition and internal management challenges. Environmental challenges (customer expectations, regulations, etc.) appear as the next most important issue.

Most companies are planning new business developments. Seventy-six per cent are planning new activities in either the classic range of exhibition activities (venue/organizer/services) or in live or virtual events (or both) and 51 per cent plan to expand exhibition operations to new countries.

Paul Woodward, UFI Managing Director, concludes: “In a globally fragile economic environment, the exhibition industry continues to demonstrate a fairly good performance, except in some countries with specific current issues. UFI encourages all surveyed companies to keep providing their input in order to maintain this important tool for the industry and its stakeholders.”

The 14th Global Barometer survey, conducted in December 2014, was answered by 203 companies from 55 countries. Full results of the 14th Global Barometer Survey can be freely downloaded at www.ufi.org/research. The next UFI Global Barometer Survey will be conducted in June 2015.

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