2015 mid-year air travel trends: Expedia.ca and Airlines Reporting Corporation release air travel trends for coming months

Expedia Canada, in partnership with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and other organizations, today released findings from a rich set of global air travel data spotlighting air travel trends. Specifically, the change in average ticket price fluctuations for global travellers as well as savings for Canadian travellers are identified in this release.

Average ticket price fluctuations on routes globally

In December 2014, Expedia globally and ARC analyzed likely 2015 average ticket prices (ATPs) to many top travel destinations originating from North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. On the whole, predictions were spot-on. With prices adjusted for exchange rates, air ticket prices declined approximately two per cent on average across North America and Europe, while prices decreased seven per cent for travellers originating in Asia-Pacific.

For specific prices for the remainder of 2015, Expedia dug through the data to find some of the largest expected air ticket price declines across a selection of destinations. Here’s its view on the top 10 destinations to which travellers globally can find the best year-over-year savings on airfare in the coming months. For Canadians, travel to Spain ranked eighth on the list of top ten destinations where travellers from around the world can find great deals. Conversely, those travelling to Canada from the UK can experience a 12% decline in airfare prices versus the same time last year.

Rank Origin Destination 2015 YoY ATP Forecast
1 Malaysia Australia -22%
2 Italy Portugal -22%
3 Brazil U.S. -17%
4 Spain Thailand -17%
5 Germany Portugal -16%
6 Japan France -16%
7 United States Dubai -15%
8 Canada Spain -13%
9 United Kingdom Canada -12%
10 Mexico France -11%

“An analysis of air industry data suggests that, with smart planning, the second half of this year can be an optimal time to explore the world,” said Sean Shannon, Managing Director, Expedia brand in Canada. “We put considerable effort into arming Canadians with the most actionable information that makes them confident to click, book and go. Our ultimate goal is to help Canadians feel informed and empowered to get past travel decision-making and move into travel moment-making. It’s what we’ve aimed to do for the last 15 years since joining the travel space here in Canada.”

“Travellers are benefiting as airlines modernize their fleets and add seats resulting in lower average ticket prices, especially for North America and Europe,” adds Chuck Thackston, managing director of enterprise information management at ARC.

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