Québec City Convention Centre delivers $106.8 million in economic benefits

The Québec City Convention Centre delivered an outstanding performance, hosting 164 events and 17 international conferences and generating a total of $106.8 million in economic benefits. The 2014 – 2015 financial year set a number of new records, coming in just behind 2008, the year of Québec City’s 400th anniversary.

“The business tourism industry is doing very well in Québec City. The results for 2014–2015, which ended March 31, speak for themselves. We hosted a record 164 events, which is 21 per cent more than last year. Along with the 17 international conferences we hosted, we’re talking about tremendous growth – it’s fantastic!” says Québec City Convention Centre president and CEO P.-Michel Bouchard enthusiastically. “The Québec City area has reason to be pleased. The Convention Centre and its activities generated $106.8 million in economic benefits,” he adds.

Québec City hotels recorded 170,645 overnight stays, i.e., 22,484 more than in 2013 – 2014, benefiting greatly from the presence of some 200,000 business tourists who attended the Convention Centre’s conferences, meetings, trade shows, and other events. Overall the accommodation and food service sector earned $26.2 million in benefits.

The influence and involvement of Québec City convention ambassadors significantly contributed to attracting 17 international conferences, which alone generated $30.7 million in benefits. By convincing their organizations to hold their conferences in Québec City, these people of influence play a key role in the Québec City Convention Centre’s sales strategies and take part in promoting the city in its various driving sectors.

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