Cities to watch: Canadian destinations making strides

Revelstoke and Waterloo were new additions to the top 50 most popular destinations for international travellers

Secondary cities are making the greatest headway when it comes to attracting travellers, according to the latest Hotel Price Index (HP) from Winnipeg is the one exception as the ninth most popular city for Canadian travellers having broken into the top 10 and climbing two spots in the first half of the year.

Canadian destinations making strides

Revelstoke, Mont Tremblant and Tofino gained popularity for Canadian travellers.

Looking at the top 50 most popular Canadian cities for domestic travel, the biggest increases in popularity were reported in Mont Tremblant and Penticton, both climbing six spots. Mont Tremblant, a popular tourist destination for travellers interested in winter sports, likely benefitted from the unseasonably long winter, whereas Penticton has reported an increase in tourism due to the low dollar and growth of staycations. The city is also hosting the 2015 GoMedia conference, which brings in media and travel influencers from around the world.

Top Canadian cities for domestic travellers with growing popularity

City and current rank Province Increase in popularity YOY What travellers paid in 2015 per room per night Change in prices paid YOY
Winnipeg: #9 MB 2 $139 – 1%
Saskatoon: #12 SK 2 $163 -1%
Regina: #15 SK 3 $139 -8%
Windsor: #20 ON 2 $124 1%
Mont Tremblant: #22 QC 6 $192 6%
Barrie: #24 ON 2 $117 2%
St John’s: #25 NL 4 $169 -9%
Thunder Bay: #29 ON 2 $123 -5%
Langley: #32 BC 1 $107 5%
Penticton: #34 BC 6 $160 6%

The biggest growth reported among international visitors was in cities located in British Columbia and Ontario. Two cities, Revelstoke and Waterloo, entered the top 50 and came in strong taking the 30th and 33rd spots.  Waterloo, aside from being a popular university town, has established itself as a hub for startups and is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the North. Tofino, on the other hand, has reaped the benefits of the strong American dollar attracting an influx of U.S. visitors drawn to the area’s weather, vibrant scenery and beaches.

Top Canadian cities for international travellers with growing popularity

City and Current Rank Province Increase in popularity YOY What Travellers Paid in 2015 per room per night Change in Prices Paid YOY
Canmore: #13 AB 1 $185 5%
Windsor: #15 ON 2 $134 8%
Kelowna: #20 BC 3 $163 3%
Mont Tremblant: #21 QC 3 $208 5%
Kamloops: #22 BC 3 $116 -1%
St John’s: #25 NL 4 $175 -8%
Revelstoke: #30 BC NEW $150 -12%
Waterloo: #33 ON NEW N/A N/A
Tofino: #35 BC 8 N/A N/A
Barrie: #36 ON 8 $119 4%

The HPI is a regular report of hotel prices in major destinations across the world, tracking the movement in prices that people actually paid for their accommodation and providing valuable insight into the reasons behind these changes. The data is drawn from bookings made on the hundreds of thousands of hotels on the websites worldwide.

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