New travel report reveals U.S. spending in Canada by state and other international spending patterns

2015 Summer Travel Snapshot from TIAC and Visa Canada shows U.S. visitors from California, New York, Washington are top spenders in Canada with visitors from China ranking second

Canada’s tourism industry experienced a healthy summer with international Visa cardholders spending $3.6USD billion in Canada, according to the 2015 Summer Travel Snapshot released by Visa Canada and the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC). For the first time, the uniquely detailed report broke down U.S. spending by state revealing that California, New York and Washington were the top source markets.

The 2015 Summer Travel Snapshot (May through September) uses data collected by international Visa card holders to reveal other interesting findings including:

  • The top 10 Canadian cities visited by travellers from the top five inbound countries – USA, China, France, the UK, and Germany.
  • Insights into the categories of spending from international visitors including the revelation that international visitors spend almost 10 times more on restaurants than quick serve restaurants (i.e. fast food).

“The Travel Snapshot report gives the tourism industry unique insight into international Visa cardholders’ spending in Canada. Information on spending categories, cities visited and U.S. state of origin are vital as we work to strengthen Canada’s competitiveness as a top global destination,” says TIAC President and CEO Charlotte Bell.

Tourism is an $88 billion industry that employs Canadians in every region of the country. In 2014, 80 per cent of tourism revenue came from domestic travellers. However, with international visitors spending on average three times more than their domestic counterparts, TIAC is looking to boost international travel and capitalize on this booming industry.

Click here for the full 2015 Summer Travel Snapshot.

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