Setting the tone: Tips for setting a mood upon entrance to your event

Setting the tone: Tips for setting a mood upon entrance to your event

The tone of your event entrance starts long before your first attendee arrives. You must set your tribe’s level of ambition. Raise your level of expectation from your staff, your team and your volunteers, and build your culture as a force for good.

Events can be long hours, exhausting days and taxing on the brain – but they are also fun and rewarding! Let your team have fun with their onsite presence. Encourage them to be goofy while maintaining a strict level of professionalism, but most importantly let them be themselves! Create an empowered, excited and highly motivated culture of teammates who want to unleash this excitement onto the attendees about to arrive.

Creating a memorable entrance

Another key to creating a memorable entrance into an event is the understanding that every person who walks through that door will see the event differently. Every event has a theme, a goal and a mission that is prominent throughout the entire experience. Allow yourself, as the planner, to create micro experiences within your large event that will cater to the different parties attending.

The mood that is set the second the attendees arrive – whether it is to the hotel or the destination – is the mood that is set for the conference. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your marketing, signage, F&B, gifting and branding – stand out, be different!

Hand out fun swag gifts that get your attendees talking. Have the entrance décor wow everyone, and streamline your check-in process to be the least stress-free as possible. Be different, be upbeat and just have fun with your arriving group!

Emotional connections

The fun and exciting part of events is that they are attended by a wide range of delegates – from age, gender, ethnic background to political party – who come together for a common purpose. Be friendly, be engaging, be welcoming, be overly excited – show these attendees that although you are all there for a common purpose, your individual goal for the event is to make sure that they are getting the most out of their time there, while enjoying the experience that they are about to embark on! Make a big deal that they have taken the time out of their busy lives to attend your event – the event you’ve been working so tirelessly on! Be proud to share your hard work with your attendees and create a strong emotional connection.

Essentially, take a step back and look at your event as a customer plan, not a business plan and see your event experience as a vehicle to help your attendees enhance their lives.

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