In With the Old. In With the New.

Québec City

Saying Québec City has aged well would be an understatement. For four centuries and counting, the Québec capital has enjoyed a never-ending Renaissance that has made it one of Canada’s top cultural hotspots and a popular destination for tourists and event planners alike.

“Québec City is so easy to sell,” says Fernand Gervais, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Université Laval, “It’s a promotional tool unto itself. It is a quintessential European city in the heart of North America.”

Yet Québec City’s popularity isn’t rooted to its past. For many visitors, the historic city’s appeal is owed to its balance of modern offerings and old-world charm. Regarded as one of the world’s most innovative and intelligent cities in the world, it offers a unique mix of cutting-edge venues and cobblestone roads, high-tech spaces and historic battlegrounds, and contemporary accommodations and heritage sites.

This mix is best demonstrated by Québec City’s diverse selection of event facilities. Highlights include the ExpoCité, a multi-site entertainment hub featuring the Centre de foires, Québec City’s exhibition centre, a 185,000 sq. ft modular exhibition space; the stylish Pavillon de la jeunesse amphitheater; and the Vidéotron Centre indoor arena, the second largest arena of its kind in the province and designed host up to 20,000 guests for shows, presentations, and world-class entertainment.

ExpoCité is joined nearby by other standout meeting and networking spaces. These include the award-winning Québec City Convention Centre and unforgettable event spaces like the Université Laval, the musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ), Morrin Centre, Palais Montcalm, Espace Dalhousie, Grand Théâtre, and Observatoire de la Capitale – all of which fuse historic ambiance with cutting-edge amenities.

Québec City Convention Centre

“As an American event planner, the proximity and logistics are so important. Québec, along with the Québec City Convention Centre, really pulled out all the stops to show just how easy it is to organize an event in the area,” says Erin Dolan, Program Manager, Technical Events, for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), a non-profit organization with more than 130,000 members worldwide and more than 40 conferences and conventions per year.

Québec City’s mix of new and old also lends itself to unique guest experiences. Whether it’s shopping in Old Québec (A UNESCO World Heritage Site) or networking at a modern gallery, walking the city’s fortified walls, spending free time downtown, or setting sail with AML cruises, Québec City is teeming with modern entertainment and a classic “joie de vivre”.

The city’s culinary scene is also timeless. Home to more fine restaurants per capita than any other North American city, the region offers a combination of traditional and up-and-coming dining experiences that cater to all budgets and tastes. Delegates can enjoy everything from dinner at a coastal-inspired oyster and wine bar to lunch at a rustic farm-to-table eatery, a tour of a local microbrewery to a quiet brunch in a cafe overlooking the iconic St. Lawrence river.

“We decided on Québec City very early on, and it did not disappoint,” says Guylaine Demers, Director of Université Laval’s Bachelor’s Degree program in Sports Intervention, who recently organized Conversation 2015. “Attendees were simply in awe of Québecers’ friendly nature, the food, sports infrastructure and tourist sites.

There’s a reason Québec City attracts over four million visitors a year. Many, in fact. With a focus on the future and a reverence for its past, it is a destination where new ideas flourish and historic style thrives.

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