Navigating the ever-changing world of corporate travel

Navigating the ever-changing world of corporate travel can overwhelm even the most seasoned travel professional. From artificial intelligence to the sharing economy to cryptocurrency, myriad factors play a role in shaping the industry, and, in turn, how your organization operates and manages its travellers.

Staying updated on the latest trends, changes, and progressions in the industry is essential for any organization looking to grow. At GBTA Conference 2018 – Toronto, we’ll be discussing the biggest trends expected to impact managed travel through varying education session topics, including:

Tech trends 2018

Tech Trends 2018 will focus on the Canadian corporate travel market. This panel of travel and technology experts will square off in a session to discuss the hottest technology trends expected to impact managed travel in the coming year from Artificial Intelligence to the Future of Payments.

Beyond business: The impact of business travel on the Canadian economy and jobs

Have you ever thought about how business travel contributes to more than just your company’s bottom line?When businesses send workers on the road, jobs are created, sales and taxes are generated and the national economy grows. This session will provide highlights from the study on the economic contribution made by business travel to the overall Canadian economy – a GBTA Foundation research, based on the Economic Impact of Business Travel in Canada study

Gender, ethnicity, sexuality, travel risks – Is your program as diverse as your expats?

This presentation is designed to provide Canadian business leaders who manage expats and have cross-border relationships, with the necessary insight to manage and implement effective employee mobility and support programs for victims of racism, discrimination, harassment and assault during their stay in Canada and/or while abroad.

The A, B’s and C’s of today and their impact on business travel

This panel session of experts will provide the current day landsape of today’s hottest topics, Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Understand what they are and how they are going to impact Canadians in general and business travel as we know it today.

Adapting the business hotel for the age of the sharing economy

The rise of the sharing economy has not only introduced a range of new competitors to the global travel industry but has also fundamentally changed the way customers choose their destinations, accommodations and experiences. While hotels have attempted to fight these alternate lodging providers through legislation that restricts short-term home rentals – and indeed Canadian territories have been quite successful in this regard – the sharing economy will ultimately prevail. With brand loyalty waning amongst the next generation of corporate travelers and guest expectations continuing to rise, hoteliers must confront this universal challenge with innovative programs and a rediscovery of their inherent strength.

Balancing compliance with self-reliance

Today’s travelers demand a level of autonomy when making decisions about business trips. At the same time, the success of a corporate travel program rests on analyzing data and analytics to leverage market share with preferred suppliers. Most travel managers today get the reports they need to implement a strategic program, yet many struggle to create a step by step business plan. In this session we will examine how travel managers can reconcile compliance and self-reliance from planning to bench-marking to duty of care to expense.

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