Executive leadership change at WestJet

Bob CummingsBob Cummings to move into role of EVP Strategy and Guest Services

With the recent announcement by Swoop regarding the hiring of Steven Greenway as President, WestJet is pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Cummings as Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Guest Services. Bob will continue to report directly to WestJet Group President and CEO, Gregg Saretsky.

In this role Bob will assume responsibility for business development, strategy execution, including oversight of key in-year strategic initiatives, and guest services, including WestJet’s contact centre, and the critical guest-listening functions of guest relations and consumer research.

“I would like to thank Bob for the excellent foundation he and the Swoop team have built over the past number of months,” said Gregg Saretsky. “I look forward to Bob continuing to leverage his vast experience and deep understanding of WestJet as we continue to grow the company and improve service to our guests.”

Bob joined WestJet in 2005, and has almost 12 years at the EVP level in a variety of commercial roles.

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