Updated MPI official statement re: third party commissions reduction

“MPI understands the groundswell of concern following recent announcements regarding third party commission cuts. We have nearly 3,000 third party meeting planners and small business owners within our global community, and since MPI was established 45 years ago, we have consistently provided this group with relevant, unparalleled education and networking opportunities to assist with their career advancement and business growth.

Our association remains focused on providing value to all of our members and all professionals in the industry, including this important group. Accordingly, we recently developed a new special interest group, MPI’s Independent and Small Business Owners (ISBO) Community. We also enhanced the member benefits we offer to include the new ISBO MyMPI Online discussion group and new MPI Academy Virtual Small Business Summits – all of which support them in navigating and planning for success, especially in the current business environment.

In addition, thanks to support from MGM Resorts International, we are offering a special discount for third party planners on registration for our 2018 World Education Congress (WEC18). MPI is offering independent third party planners a special rate on Preferred Planner Membership as well.

  • $200 Off Planner Member WEC18 Registration for All Third Party Planners

[Offer valid through May 15, 2018 with promo code: 18IN3PP200]

  • 30 Percent Off New and Renewing Preferred Planner Membership Level for Independent Third Party Planners Only

[Offer valid through May 15, 2018, with promo code: ISBO18]

Visit our website for more information on MPI’s ISBO Community and how we support them. For reference, below is the original statement MPI issued about the third party commissions reduction in late January 2018.”

– Paul Van Deventer, President and CEO of Meeting Professionals International

Original Position Statement Issued January 25, 2018:

“As an association, MPI’s focus is on ensuring the long-term and sustainable financial health of the events industry, and raising the professionalism of those who work in it. MPI’s membership consists of a broad and diverse community of event professionals who are directly and indirectly impacted by this decision, including thousands of third-party planners, the global hotel brands and numerous Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). Third-party organizations have become an integral part of the live events industry value chain and are a proven and important resource for planners, destinations and venues. As in any business relationship, the value of services provided needs to be determined by the organizations benefiting from said services.”

– Paul Van Deventer, President and CEO of Meeting Professionals International

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