Aeroplan makes key commitments to members

Canada’s premier travel loyalty program to offer more choice, flexibility, convenience

Aeroplan has released a brand promise outlining its commitment to redefine travel rewards and continue its ongoing transformation into a superior travel and booking experience.

Aeroplan will provide members with the freedom to book flight rewards on more airlines to more of their favourite destinations, starting in 2020. In the near term, members will have more earning opportunities to earn more miles with more retail partners, and select from a bigger pool of accommodations, destination activities and vacation packages.

Based on input from members looking for more choice, flexibility and convenience, a new Aeroplan will be delivered in a simplified and reinvented user experience.

“Our goal is to set a new industry standard for loyalty with a superior travel offering based on a unique, personalized approach for every member,” said Vince Timpano, President, Coalitions, Aimia Inc. “We understand that the best way to improve our program is to listen to the members who use it, and that is exactly what we’ve done. Our promise is the first step in reinforcing new Aeroplan experiences – one that will offer additional opportunities for members to engage easily with the program, as well as more occasions to earn miles and an enriched user experience at all levels of the journey.”

Anchored in six brand commitments that are rooted around flight rewards, value, personalization and member experience, the Aeroplan promise provides members a sneak peek at things to come. Brand commitments include:

  1. The freedom to choose any seat on more of your favourite airlines: Starting in July 2020, you won’t be limited to seat inventory from one airline or one network when you want to redeem valued miles. Instead, you’ll be able to choose any available seat from more airlines to more destinations than today.
  2. The power to reach your travel plans faster: With the ability to earn miles faster and redeem for flights on more of your favourite airlines starting in July 2020, including with future preferred partners, we’re committed to helping our members travel sooner than with other travel reward programs in Canada, just as we do today.
  3. A complete travel offering in one place: Today, you can browse more car rental options than ever before. Tomorrow, an intuitive planning and booking engine will offer you a greater selection of accommodations, destination activities, vacation packages and inspiring content directly through our website and mobile app.
  4. Unmatched convenience & flexibility: When you earn fast and often, you can get to your travel plans sooner. The convenience of earning on thousands of everyday items in-store and online at over 150 partner brands, flexible payment options plus the ability to earn miles on all cash bookings made with Aeroplan means realizing your plans is easier than ever.
  5. A more personalized journey: Enjoy a unique travel experience that is more rewarding and tailored to your needs as we proactively serve up suggestions, content and offers based on the things you like.
  6. An altogether transformed user experience: Staying at the forefront of technological trends, we will reinvent your user experience at every level from mobile to online right up to the Aeroplan Contact Centre.

Aeroplan’s shift to a broader travel offering and enhanced member experience is already happening. Last year, the company enriched its car rental rewards and travel search platform. Additional features and new rewards earning opportunities, like the one recently announced with, will continue to roll out.

As Aeroplan continues to transform, its core focus will remain the same – ensuring members achieve their travel plans faster than with any travel rewards program in Canada, just as it does today.

“Our members have been with us for years – they see the value in the program and they have realized their goals and dreams with us. Moving forward, our commitment is to help them reach those goals even faster with more opportunities to earn and redeem at more touch points, better connecting them with the people, places and moments that matter most,” said Timpano.

Aeroplan will be supporting the launch of its Promise campaign with the debut of a video featuring member-generated #withAeroplan social posts submitted during the company’s inaugural Moments Worth Millions contest last summer. Members will be introduced to the brand promise and six commitments with a new landing page and email campaign as well as paid media, public relations and social media programming. To learn more about Aeroplan or watch the video, visit

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