CellPoint Mobile launches Voyage, a comprehensive booking engine

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CellPoint Mobile, a leading global provider of sales and payment-side technology solutions for the airline and travel sectors, announced today the launch of Voyage, a complete booking solution designed specifically for travel merchants to increase revenues in the direct channel. 

Voyage was developed for companies in the airline, ground and sea transportation and hospitality industries, which require a functionality-rich booking engine that is optimized for revenue generation, program engagement and customer satisfaction, and that makes booking easier for mobile-first travelers. Travel merchants who struggle with inconsistent user experience, lack of control and flexibility, and poor integration with their existing booking engines will find Voyage an intuitive, configurable solution that meets their needs and those of their customers.

Often travel merchants deploy project-based booking solutions based on a traditional app or web approach, with low flexibility, high operational costs and slow time to market. Voyage is an off-the-shelf product, highly configurable and fully integrated across the entire CellPoint Mobile product suite, accessing the powerful digital channel and payment deployment and control features as well as advanced reporting and analytics.

An Optimized, Omnichannel Experience

Many mobile booking solutions are merely desktop or internet booking engines that have been hastily adapted to mobile, and often don’t provide a user experience that is similar enough to the travel brand’s online booking engine. These limited and poorly designed booking engines create friction and frustration, causing both abandoned transactions and negative brand experiences. Voyage helps travel merchants surmount these challenges.

“Travel enterprises need a booking solution that is fast, robust and front-end agnostic, both to meet customer expectations and to create a more streamlined path to purchase,” says Noel Connolly, CellPoint Mobile’s SVP Global Head of Sales Airlines and Hospitality. “This is particularly important for global operators or travel merchants seeking to penetrate new markets — such as the Middle East, where half of all bookings take place on smartphones, or Asia-Pacific where that same number is around 44 per cent.”

A Booking Engine That Drives Digital Revenue

Supporting the leading mobile native platforms (iOS and Android), Voyage Native is channel-agnostic, available to more than 99.6 per cent of smartphone users in all geographies, is designed with best-in-breed UX to provide a high-quality native mobile experience, and is easy to deploy.

Voyage Web provides a travel-merchant branded, continuously optimized and fully configurable interface built on responsive and adaptive product design principles, allowing travellers to search, reserve and book on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

And since both Voyage Native and Voyage Web are part of the comprehensive CellPoint Mobile travel commerce platform, the booking engine can be easily integrated with other functions on both the sell and the pay side of every travel transaction to create seamless, simplified experiences for every traveler.

“An optimized mobile booking engine such as Voyage that offers a native app experience as well as a desktop or mobile web pathway not only enables increased bookings, but also creates opportunities for travel merchants to cross-sell and up-sell to their passengers, guests, and patrons at many touchpoints throughout the entire travel journey,” says Connolly.  “And with an 81 per cent cart abandonment rate across the global travel industry, and two in five travellers dropping transactions due to a poor mobile experience, it is imperative that brands offer a smooth path to purchase”.

A Feature-Rich, Scalable Booking Solution

The Voyage booking solution comes standard with à la carte basic features such as search and book, online check-in, notifications, multi-language support and merchant-originated ancillary offerings. Travel merchants can expand their implementation with richer, more advanced features including Manage Your Booking, personalized offers and promotions, SMS itinerary, and third-party ancillary offerings from CellPoint Mobile’s network of travel inventory suppliers, such as travel insurance, cab booking and lounge access. Voyage also provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading travel reservation, ticketing, loyalty and pricing systems.

Based on CellPoint Mobile’s best-in-class integration and orchestration platform which provides unparalleled access to a wealth of data, Voyage gives travel merchants access to relevant information that empowers customer service, sales and finance.

Fully Integrated Advanced Payments

Voyage provides seamless integration to CellPoint Mobile’s Velocity payment platform, a full PCI DSS Level 1 compliant multi-acquirer payment solution that supports a broad selection of popular alternative payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Alipay and Visa Checkout. The seamless integration of Voyage and Velocity ensures increased conversion and secure payment processing, and gives travel merchants access to a wide variety of business services that can be implemented on demand. Voyage and Velocity together act as levers, facilitating cross- and up-selling opportunities, driving incremental revenue, and meeting the convenience and ease-of-use expectations of today’s modern global traveller.

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