Québec City Industry Spotlight


It may be Québec City’s dynamic culture that draws tourists to the region, but for the business crowd, it’s the capitol’s vibrant industry community that turns heads.

Over the decades, the city has become a hub for major players across all key industries. In part one of this Québec City industry profile, we’re turning our spotlight on four of its driving industries.

Digital Arts

Imagination and innovation reign supreme within Québec City’s digital arts sector, where over 104 companies and thousands of artists collaborate to bring video games, special effects, animations, 3D designs, and virtual and augmented reality experiences to life. The city’s Saint Roch technoculture district is where one can find a cutting-edge mix of artists’ studios, digital arts and entertainment organizations, video game studios (e.g., Ubisoft), Université Laval’s visual arts and design schools, and École des métiers d’arts du Québec. What’s more, thousands of industry stakeholders unite in Québec City every year for the Semaine NumériQC, North America’s topmost French-language digital event.

Life sciences

Over 120 life science companies are headquartered in Québec City. Together, they are creating a thriving and cutting-edge life sciences community, employing leading researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in pioneering fields like biopharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, and life science innovations. Additionally, from the CHU de Québec-Université Laval Research Centre to the CERVO Brain Research Centre, and the world-renowned Quebec Heart and Lung Institute to the industry-leading Université Laval Infectious Disease Research Centre (IDRC) the city is home to some of Canada’s largest and most revered life science schools, research centres, chairs, and innovation hubs. All told, these elements combine to make Québec City an ideal setting for scientific conferences.

Food and nutrition

Québec City’s restaurants and chef are already second-to-none, but it’s what goes on beyond the kitchen that makes its food and nutrition community stand out. Employing nearly 7,000 people, the industry is host to hundreds of leading food companies and research centres, including the Health Food Cluster, GastronomiQc Lab, high-profile culinary schools and the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF), which hosts the highest concentration of food and nutrition researchers in Canada.

Information and Communication Technology

Québec City holds the distinction of being one of North America’s most WiFi connected cities. It also hosts the highest number of high-speed internet terminals per capita in Canada. Its leadership in the information and communication technology sector (ICT) is driven by major players in telecommunications and online technologies and leading industry schools, as well as research hubs such as the Institute for Information Technologies and Solutions (ITIS), the UL Big Data Research Centre (CRDM) and DRDC Valcartier, the pre-eminent National Defence R&D centre in Canada.

Québec City has no shortage of sights and experiences to elevate corporate meetings and events. More than that, however, it is renowned the world over for connecting visiting delegates to a rich, and ever-growing community of industry leaders.

Part 2 of the Québec City Industry Spotlight continues in August with a look at the region’s Green construction, manufacturing, materials, and insurance sectors. Until then, Discover how Québec’s capital can enhance your next corporate meeting or event. Email Susan Prophet, Director, Business Development, Québec City Business Destination at sprohet@meetquebeccity.com, or (905) 815-1381.

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