Québec City Industry Spotlight

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From innovators in material production to trailblazers in smart, sustainable construction, Québec City boasts a growing portfolio of industry leaders. In part two of our Québec City key Industry Spotlight, we turn the focus on three more sectors that make this capital city an opportune destination for corporate meetings and events.


Québec City prides itself on being the second-largest insurance and financial service industry in Canada. Ten financial and insurance company headquarters reside between it and the nearby city of Lévis, and Québec City also hosts a total of 370 companies across the health, auto, government and public service insurance sectors.

The industry accounts for more than 10 per cent of employment in the region and nearly 20 per cent of its GDP. It is supported by nearly 66,000 graduates in insurance-related fields and bolstered by a network of industry leaders who continue to maintain Québec City’s reputation as the insurance hub of Canada.

Green / Smart Building

295 companies drive this flourishing sector which employs 6,500 professionals and represents over $2.5 billion in sustainable real estate projects. The industry is supported by a network of research centres and leading educational hubs, including the Urban Science Joint Research UnitEau Terre Environnement Research Centre of the National Institute of Scientific Research (ETE-INRS); Intelligent Green Building Network (BVI Network); and QUEBOX, an organization dedicated to showcase Québec’s stewardship in smart and sustainable construction.

The expertise and ingenuity of Québec City’s engineers and contractors are on display throughout the region. Highlights include the state-of-the-art Québec City Convention Centre, SSQ Financial Group’s Green City eco-neighbourhood, the LEED Gold Telus Building, and the Cité de la coopération Desjardins (featuring North America’s tallest green interior wall), among many others.

Value-Added Materials / Transportation Equipment

Innovation thrives within Québec City’s value-added materials and transportation equipment industry. Driven by over 530 companies and 12,000 professionals, the sector is home to leading manufacturers of advanced building materials, metal structures, composite materials, engineered wood products, machinery, furniture, transportation equipment, and much more.

The sector is backed by a number of organizations and research centres. A sampling includes FPInnovations, one of the largest private scientific research centres in the world; the Centre for Mineral and Plastics Technology (CTMP)Aluminum Research Centre – REGAL, Inter-University Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics, and Transportation; and Université Laval Advanced Materials Research Centre, which specializes in synthetic and natural macromolecules, nanomaterials, and biomaterials.

It’s these critical sectors have made Québec City both a hotspot for business leaders and a top pick for corporate meeting and event planners seeking a destination with networking and business development potential.

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