Introducers, Tech and Wellness: Top trends in the events industry


By Angela Zaltsman

Halfway through the year, it’s becoming easier to spot what trends are changing, what’s sticking around and what’s not in the events industry. While technology continues its non-stop march into the events space, the industry is still about the people in attendance. Networking, food and beverage and the over experience remain the core of any given event, but how they’re delivered is, like the nascent use of tech, constantly in flux. Below, read up on what’s been hot this year.

  • Experiences are important, but so is keeping them as simple and as direct as possible. Experiential events where attendees feel as though they are part of a larger community enhance the value of your event by offering your guests interactive and engaging entertainment.
  • Pop-up events are still have the novel of the new and are on the rise in 2018. The event’s date is typically announced but the venue remains a secret leading up to the day-of, building curiosity and buzz among the attendees.
  • Event Technology like artificial intelligence and augmented reality are becoming important means through which to promote your event before, during and after. Even better, event planners are increasingly using these tools to create personalized experiences for event attendees and to reach them in meaningful, visceral ways.
  • Networking is core component of any event, meeting or trade show. To supercharge it, organizations are increasingly using the services of professional introducers to break the ice between attendees. The introducer is a social fixer, connecting attendees to the people they want to meet but can’t find themselves.
  • The traditional round eight-top is giving way to lounge-style seating, buffets and tapas. The emphasis on local cuisine that often defines high-end restaurants is making its way into events space, as well.
  • Health and wellness is important among planners. Meditations, group activities and friendly competitions are all becoming an integral part of the overall event experience.
  • Independent of the event experience, pay attention to data security, an important factor in ensuring your attendees information is not compromised. Along the same lines, though security is not a new trend, I feel it worth highlighting. In light of world events and tragedies in the past year, physical safety and security will undoubtedly will be and should be heightened in the planning and execution of events.

Angela Zaltsman, CMP, is Principal of A to Z Event Management. A to Z delivers complete event management services for corporate clients who desire the finest in service, quality and venues. From start to finish, the company offers fresh, creative design, strict budgeting and precise management of each and every event. Zaltsman is a career event planner with more than 20 years of experience serving discriminating clientele in the restaurant, catering and meeting planning industries. For more information visit, or follow A to Z events on Instagram and Twitter.

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