A City for All Seasons: Year-round reasons to bring an event to Québec City


Some destinations are known for their exciting summer events, others for their outdoor winter activities and still others for their colourful spring or fall attractions. Rarer than these, however, are destinations that deliver alluring experiences all year round — and it’s these that rank high among meeting and event planners.

For many, the search for an “all season” destination has led to Québec City, where annual festivals, cultural events, outdoor activities and culinary celebrations combine to offer compelling reasons to visit at all times of the year.

Certainly, says Ann Cantin, who’s with Québec City Business Destination, “One of the reasons Québec City hosts so many groups throughout the year is because there’s always something on the go to build an event around.”

Between the modern downtown attractions and vintage Québec City sights, there is no shortage of ways to fill a schedule. In the fall, for example, the streets and parks of Québec’s capital come alive with outdoor festivals, hiking expeditions, Halloween events, wine and beer tours, live concerts and a host of memorable activities that take advantage of the region’s chilled, colourful atmosphere.

The fun continues into the winter when visitors can enjoy world-class skiing, snowboarding, skating or even dog-sledding; spend a night in the local ice hotel (a.k.a. the Hôtel de Glace); or extend their stay at the Valcartier Vacation Village, North America’s biggest winter playground.

Québec City is also renowned for the Québec Winter Carnival, which enchants visitors and locals alike with night parades, ice sculptures, masquerade balls, canoe races and much more — all hosted by the iconic Bonhomme mascot.

“Our conference took place during one of the coldest months of the year, but that didn’t stop us from visiting the city by foot and taking in a variety of different attractions. Everything was so close and the welcome by everybody so warm, we didn’t mind being out in the snow!” explained Della Scott-Ireton, Associate Director for the Florida Public Archaeology Network of the University of West Florida.

Spring and summer are equally ideal times to visit. Beyond the countless festivals, concerts and tours, visitors can strike out on their own with activities like whale-watching down the St. Lawrence, canoeing or kayaking, joining colleagues at a local park or biking along the famed Route Verte.

“Artistic, cultural and sports events keep visitors entertained all year round while also showcasing what local talents have to offer,” says Ann Cantin, adding, “Conference delegates are never at a loss for what to do.”

Discover how Québec City can enhance your next corporate meeting or event at any time of the year.

Email Susan Prophet, Director, Business Development, Québec City Business Destination at sprohet@meetQuébeccity.com, or call at (905) 815-1381.

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