Québec City Q&A: A planner’s take on Québec’s capital destination


Credit: Emmanuel Coveney

Québec City is a go-to destination for event planners from Canada and internationally, offering a uniquely Canadian setting that not only draws meeting planners and their conference delegates, but keeps them coming back for personal vacations.

Heather Dow, Senior Manager for Events & Management Plus Inc., (EM+) is among the many planners who have experienced the allure of Québec City first-hand. She has brought her events to the capital city more than a dozen times over the last decade and five times alone in 2018. Heather recently sat down with us to discuss what brings her back to the capital city and how Association & Event Management Companies, like EM+, can make the most of Québec’s iconic location.


What do you think draws people to Québec City?

It is on everyone’s bucket list. There is a certain allure to Québec City because of its history, culture and all the events that take place throughout the year like the Winter Carnival and the Québec City Summer Festival (FEQ). It also helps that it’s surrounded by breathtaking natural attractions, hiking and biking trails, lush parks and ample greenspace. There really is something to explore or enjoy at all times throughout the year.

What keeps pulling you back?

For one, it’s this big beautiful city that’s easy to explore. Whether you’re walking around old Québec City and discovering all these amazing little restaurants and historical sites, catching some entertainment in the modern downtown area or setting up at Le Parlementaire Restaurant for a board meeting or reception, there are all these unique experiences within close proximity to one another. That makes it an easy location to plan around.

Not only is everything close by, but there are options if you don’t want to walk, bicycle or drive. During a recent social event, we took a cruise on the AML Louis Jolliet down the river which passed by the Montmorency Falls. That was a huge plus because it added an amazing delegate experience to our conference itinerary while enjoying a delicious meal in a unique boat restaurant.


And the food?

Of course, the food is absolutely a draw. Québec City cuisine is a culture all its own.

What support do you receive from the City as a planner?

The team with Québec City Business Destination are so accessible and they know their community well. I’ve never been in a situation in Québec City where I didn’t know what we were going to do, who could help us do it, or how we were going to get there. They’ve got a great way of capturing everything that they offer and serving it on a silver platter. I mean, it couldn’t be easier.

More importantly, they’ve built great relationships with all their partners, big and small, and I think that’s key. Not only does that give us an “in” with the larger hotels and big social event venues, but it helps us discover the smaller partners within Québec City who can offer something either more intimate or out of the ordinary.

What advice can you offer events planners coming to Québec City for the first time?

I’d say trust the advice of the people that know their city well and don’t hesitate to ask your destination partners for their assistance. Working with Québec City Business Destination has been very beneficial for us since they’ve been a true partner and give us access to special incentives and opportunities for both the planners and the delegates.

Their expertise helps to ensure that our delegates will have the full Québec City experience! There are unique festivals, historic locations, outdoor activities and dining experiences that are incredibly unique to the city, so really make sure you find out what those awesome cultural options are and then make time for your delegates to enjoy them.

Discover how Québec’s capital can enhance your next corporate meeting or event. Email Susan Prophet, Director, Business Development , Québec City Business Destination at sprohet@meetQuébeccity.com, or (905) 815-1381

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