Sparking Business in Québec City

There’s more to Québec City than leisure activities and romantic retreats. Brimming with industry leaders, innovators, and collaborative opportunities, the capital city has also become an international hub for business growth and innovation.

“We’re getting our name out,” says Ann Cantin, Director of Communications at Québec City Business Destination. “Québec City has always been a popular tourist destination, but more and more organizations from around the world are recognizing what this region has to offer in terms of industry connections and opportunities.”

Certainly, one of the main draws for corporate meeting and event planners has been Québec City’s rich ecosystem of entrepreneurs, researchers, and trailblazers; the culmination of which gives visiting groups the chance to expand both their network and knowledge base.

“Québec City prides itself on being one of the best places in North America to do business,” adds Cantin. “Entrepreneurs and investors are drawn to our strong, business-friendly environment. Our solid, results-based economy, industrial diversity, leading-edge infrastructure and research centres, competitive operating costs, highly skilled workforce, and exceptional quality of life— make Québec City truly attractive on myriad levels.”

Building a network

It’s one thing to play host industry-leading companies and research hubs, but another to support them with the resources and talent to thrive. To that end, Québec City boasts a diverse portfolio of labs, research centres, and R&D hubs; as well as over 30 million square feet of technology spaces.

Talent for these facilities is sourced from the city’s equally vast collection of world-class universities, colleges, and technical institutes, which equip over 20,000 graduates per year with cutting-edge skills and hands-on experience. This includes the city’s reputed Université Laval, which is home to over 40,000 domestic and international students every year and supported by over $375M in research funds.

“Beyond supporting talent acquisition and development through our schools and post-grad facilities, we also take pride in having a quality of life that makes Québec City one of the most attractive cities for incoming professionals,” says {rep}, noting Québec Citys recent standing as Canada’s top “hottest spot” for Millennials*.

The spirit of collaboration and innovation is alive and well throughout the city. In addition to a wealth of academic and research hubs, homegrown talent and newcomers alike have access to vibrant districts like The Saint-Roch neighbourhood in downtown Québec City, which has become a hotbed for tech companies, art studios, cultural activities, and video game studios (e.g., Ubisoft).

Combined, Québec City business resources and talent pool have earned the region several accolades. In addition to being named one of the world’s top 7 and “Smart 21” locales**, it was recently listed among the Top 10 American cities of the future in terms of economic potential, human capital and lifestyle, connectivity, business friendliness, and FDI [foreign direct investment] strategy.***

Driving growth

No doubt, Québec City’s mix of talent, innovation support, and world-class connections makes it an ideal home base for over 4,100 companies; not to mention an ideal destination for organizations seeking to tap into new skills, ideas, and industry relationships.

“A lot of organizations choose Québec City for our venues, entertainment, and atmosphere, but we’re always eager to show them how connecting with our industry leaders, collaborating with local innovators, and taking advantage of our rich business network can build upon their success well beyond their event,” adds Cantin.

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