Club Med takes a “Worktainment” approach to events

There’s no underestimating the “fun factor” in corporate event planning. Meetings that promise a mix of work and play are more likely to draw attendees, and conferences that can actually deliver are more destined for success.

“Guests are simply more engaged when they’re having a good time,” says Maria Chung, Business Development Manager – MICE in Ontario and Western Canada. “When you can find that balance between work and entertainment, that’s when you make an impact.”

Enter: Worktainment

Striking a balance between productivity and play is a priority for Club Med. It’s also the goal behind the resorts’ new “Worktainment” approach to corporate events – a strategy that blends first-rate meeting facilities with world-class resort experiences to transcend guests’ expectations.

“We want to give meeting planners the resources, settings, and entertainment options to create an event that goes beyond ‘status quo,'” says Chung.

A successful “worktainment” event relies on many factors. For the team at Club Med, it’s about providing a dedicated team of organizers who work with planners to help design and deliver a tailor-made experience. It’s also about helping meeting and event organizers take full advantage of everything Club Med’s locations have to offer, from private facilities to tailored activities, lavish accommodations to beach-side indulgences, unique dining options, and beyond.

Coming together

Research indicates that happy employees are up to 20% more efficient. Moreover, recent studies indicate that work friendships can also boost employee satisfaction by 50%. To that end, team-building is among the key pillars in Club Med’s meeting and events strategy. In addition to providing dedicated activity facilitators (aka “G.O” team members”), the resorts offer a wide range of group activities. Highlights include water sports, outdoor sports, a flying trapeze, group galas and parties, and yoga by the beach, to name a few.

“Our goal is to keep guests engaged from the moment they arrive, whether they’re taking part in a meeting or enjoying their off-hours with colleagues in the resort,” adds Chung.

Tailor-made, budget-friendly

No two events are ever the same, and neither are their budgets. That’s why Club Med’s corporate meetings and event strategy takes time to work with organizers during the planning phase to create rich memories that won’t strain their bottom line.

“An important part of working with clients is finding out their goals and expectations and putting together an all-inclusive offer to match,” says Chung.

There are corporate events that check the boxes, and there are those that make memories. Achieving the latter means finding a balance between meetings and conferences that “get the job done” and events that treat guests to an experience that will leave them wanting more.

Learn more about holding your meeting and event at ClubMed. Visit their website, call 1-888-567-1111 (ext 4) or contact an event specialist today.

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