The Culinary Edge at Chateau Le Jardin

When it comes to what event guests remember most, food and beverage ranks supreme. It’s for this reason that Toronto’s Chateau Le Jardin makes it a daily mission to serve up unforgettable meals for groups of all tastes.

“Food is an extremely important – if not the most important – facet of our hospitality business,” says Carlo Parentela, CEO of Château Le Jardin. “The meal is the centrepiece of any event, and regardless of the menu or ethnicity, it must be perfect to ensure that the rest of the event falls perfectly into place.”

Getting that event “centrepiece” right takes a coordinated effort between venue staff, local food suppliers, and event planners. In the case of Chateau Le Jardin, it also relies on nurturing a food and beverage team that knows how to capture local flavours and thrive in a large-scale operation.

“From hiring the best chefs and cooks to maintaining the highest quality in our recipes, we apply a careful and meticulous approach, sprinkled with passion and love, in order to offer a product that our guests will love and that we can be proud of,” Parentela insists.

Certainly, Chateau Le Jardins’ food expertise is owed to several factors. They include access to regional ingredients, cutting-edge food facilities, and a team of skilled kitchen professionals led by Executive Chef Luigi Raniella, who oversees an average of 5,000 dishes served every week.

“Luigi is extremely talented and ensures that Le Jardin maintains its prowess by constantly pushing culinary boundaries. His tasteful blend of elegance and simplicity is noticeable in each dish served,” adds Parentela.

Tailored menus

Meeting and event planners have an essential role to play in food and beverage planning. After all, making an impression on the plate requires an understanding of a group’s specific tastes. To that end, engaging planners early in their process to create a tailored menu is key to Chateau le Jardins’ food preparations.

“Before any event, our seasoned team of event coordinators collects all guest data from the planner and then coordinate with the Executive Chef to ensure that the numbers have been acknowledged and the proper orders to our suppliers have been made,” explains Parentela, adding, “Then, on the day of the event, our Maitre D’s double-checks any special food requests, numbers, and seating location by using a sign and radio system, and makes sure that specialty meals are properly delivered to the correct guest.”

Having choices is also a plus. To that end, Chateau le Jardin offers three Menu Templates – the Bordeau, Cannes, and Marseilles Menu’s – to show conventional ordering styles for those who require more guidance.

Similarly, allergies, food sensitivities, and cultural preferences are also important considerations. Here again, it’s important for planners to share these details with a venue well in advance of their event.

“Simply put,” adds Parantela. “Their wish is our command.”

Whether it’s a nutritious breakfast, five-star dinner, a light refreshment break, or a multi-course lunch, every meal counts at an event. Getting this element right means working with a venue that understands the impact of a quality meal plan and can craft a menu for any appetite.

“A setting can be memorable, and the drinks are always cold, but it is the meal that resonates deep within,” notes Parentela. “That’s why, at Chateau Le Jardin, we have worked for over 30 years to establish a harmonious blend between Kitchen and Office Operations to ensure that our guests leave full and completely satisfied.”

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