The importance of travel security for employees going abroad

Employers should have proper contingency plans in place

(CP) — Barely a month into the year 2020 and it seems like the world is becoming a more dangerous place than ever before.

Recent emergencies like the uncontrollable Australian wildfires, increased Middle East tensions between the United States and Iran and the current coronavirus outbreak can make travelling for the average person a nerve-racking and potentially dangerous experience.

Yet with the proliferation of globalization and trade agreements between countries, businesses commonly have to send employees to international destinations to facilitate commercial enterprise and seek new ventures. Whether it’s to visit a foreign manufacturing facility or meet a new customer abroad, global travel for business is at an all-time high. Currently business-related travel accounts for approximately 14 per cent of all international travel.

Some of the countries visited by business travellers are at high risk from a security and safety perspective. That means it’s important for organizations to have proper contingency plans in place in case employees become exposed to hazards and threats within a foreign country and require support from their employer to return home safely.

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