These are the best hotels in Canada, according to US News & World Report

When it comes to planing the ultimate trip, where you stay is one of the most important decisions that you can make.

After a day of exploring, adventuring, and immersing yourself in a destination, the place you lay your head is a welcoming haven to recuperate and recharge before you venture out to do it all over again tomorrow.

Thankfully, US News & World Report has officially unveiled its annual rankings for all things travel to make planning your journey a little less complicated.

The list is part of larger annual ranking of hotels across Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Bermuda.

It utilizes a comprehensive methodology that focuses primarily on three points: reputation among professional travel experts, reviews from guests, and hotel class ratings.

For Canada, keeping trend with last year, British Columbia commanded the list with 11 of the 25 rankings, including the coveted first place spot.

Without further ado, here are this year’s top 25 hotels in Canada, as issued by US News World & Report.

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