Breaking Ground on Hotel Vie


It’s been over 35 years since Château Le Jardin first opened its doors to the meeting and event community. Now, the Vaughan venue is taking the next step in its evolution with the development of Hotel Vie.

How is Chateau Le Jardin planning to revitalize the live event space? What will set Hotel Vie apart? We reached out to Carlo Parentela, the visionary behind Hotel Vie, to talk about the venue’s big plans for 2021.

You’ve been operating Château Le Jardin in Vaughan, Ontario, for decades. Now you’re planning to build a new hotel next door. What is your connection to the region?

The connection goes back about 35 years ago when my parents were driving through this area and saw an ideal piece of land in the middle of what was, at the time, farm country. There wasn’t much there beyond a nearby farm, but they saw potential in the location and bought the spot in 1984. I joined a year later to develop Château Le Jardin, and we opened in 1985 with a single, 300-person room. Since then we’ve watched the city grow along with us and we’ve continued to be invested in the region.

Why is now the right time to build Hotel Vie?

Hotel Vie been a project of mine for a long time. For over 20 years, I’ve wanted to build a hotel next to the  but either economy wasn’t right or I was involved in other projects. Things have been busy for a while, but a few years back I realized the time was right for Hotel Vie. Business was strong and we all felt like this was a natural evolution for us.

What will this new hotel bring to the MICE community?

The vision behind Hotel Vie is to offer more than a place to stay during an event, but a place with its own selection of unique experiences. So on top of having 261 rooms, 54 offices, and its own event space, the hotel will also feature the 6,500-square-foot Giverny Spa, Wellness and Holistic Centre; the Salle de Gym + Bassin fitness centre; and rooftop Après Noir Nightclub and Lounge. On top of this, guests will have access to the Sopra Sopra Ristorante + Lounge, La Terrasse Rooftop Pool/Lounge + Restaurant, the French-style Marche de Joe cafe and market; and the 6,000-square-foot Club de Vin, a private wine club where members can store their own purchased wines in lockers and access it 24 hours hours a day.

All together, the idea behind Hotel Vie is to bring all these enriching services together so that everyone who comes for a stay has something to do. So if there is a conference going on, attendees can bring their whole families.

Why go for the high-end experience?

Because people like the best. Hotel Vie isn’t going to be a hotel for air for every budget, but we will be an ideal choice for comfort, an all-inclusive experience, and a luxurious and tailored experience.

Where is the hotel now in terms of construction?

We expect all our permits by the end of the year and we expect to start construction in one year from the next spring. We have a solid construction team of builders, designers, and engineers led by 27 Developments who are ready to go when we are.

Hotel Vie is slated for completion in December 2022. Read Château Le Jardin to Add Hotel Vie

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