Edmonton Venue Sets GHG Emissions Goal

The Edmonton Expo Centre has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2035.

“As the largest venue of its kind in Western Canada, we recognize that our venue has a substantial ability to contribute to the greenhouse gas reduction goals outlined by the City of Edmonton,” says Arlindo Gomes, vice-president of venue management for Edmonton Economic Development Corp.

Built in 1984, and expanded in 2009, the Edmonton Expo Centre is a 522,000-square-foot facility that integrates high-tech features with flexible and adaptable indoor and outdoor space. Because of its size, the venue can accommodate major events that drive economic prosperity for Alberta’s capital, but also contributes to a substantial electrical and heating/cooling demand.

To reach its target, the venue has committed to making behavioural and structural changes in the areas of energy generation, heat usage, transportation, waste management and communications. Notable measures include a commercial energy audit; replacement of existing incandescent and fluorescent lightbulbs with LEDs in service areas and event spaces; replacement of double-pane glass with triple-pane glass for increased heat efficiency; installation of high-efficiency hot water tanks and electric vehicle charging ports; and expansion of its recycling, compost and reuse program to capture a greater volume of waste.

The goal is to first reduce emissions by 15 per cent by 2025, from 2018 levels, as part of its greenhouse gas reduction plan.

“By working to lessen the environmental footprint of our venue operations, we are positioning ourselves among the top performing event venues and are sending a strong message that we are committed to creating a healthier venue for our staff, clients, guests and environment,” says Gomes.

The Edmonton Expo Centre joins the Edmonton Convention Centre as the only two major event venues in the city to have released such a plan and emissions reduction goal.


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