Survey Looks to Find Out Best Online Conference Platforms

Online conferences and meetings have exploded amid the COVID-19 pandemic and so, too, has the number of platforms that support these virtual events. In an effort to determine which are the best, sponsorship expert Larry Weil has launched a survey.

“Most users don’t get past the four or five best known platforms,” says Weil, founder of The Sponsorship Guy. “Because it is not reasonable to expect these platforms to tell you what they are not good at, we have taken on the task of collecting information about them.”

So far, Weil and his team have found nearly 100 different platforms.

Launched in late May, the survey will remain open until a meaningful sample size has been collected. Results will be made widely available sometime thereafter.

“Our goal is to provide information about these platforms that will help businesses and clients better determine which is the best match for their needs,” says Weil.


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