New Touchless Registration Tool Supports Health, Safety of Event-Goers

Anticipating the desire for contactless registration when events resume, Convention Data Services (CDS) has created a digital solution to ensure a safe experience for attendees and exhibitors.

“Our top priority is moving attendees through registration with care and ease,” says the company’s president and CEO, John Kimball. “DigiBadge allows us to securely track attendees and create safe interactions.”

Launched in early June, Digibadge enables registrants to self-check-in on-site using their personal mobile device.

Event participants download the DigiBadge link provided by the organizer. It can then be added to their device’s Apple Wallet or Google Pay and used for convention hall and session access instead of a physical badge. Various background colours can be used to differentiate an attendee’s registration status, allowing for a quick visual to approve hall entry.

DigiBadge is part of a touchless toolkit. Other components include a density tracker that will help event teams manage crowd control; lead retrieval; and a digital backpack, which allows exhibitors to distribute requested information to attendees while maintaining social distancing.

All three of these features can be integrated into the DigiBadge, depending on what makes sense for each individual event.

CDS also offers hybrid registration solutions that marry DigiBadge with traditional printed badge options.


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