Colour-coded Bracelets Offer Social Distancing Solution at Events

The entrepreneurs who made their debut on Shark Tank have launched their latest product, Social Bands, aimed at helping places where large groups of people gather like trade shows and exhibitions.

The colour-coded bracelets allow wearers to silently communicate their physical distancing preferences at meetings to avoid having an awkward conversation. Red indicates no contact, yellow means elbows only and green invites high-fives and handshakes.

“This is new, uncharted territory for all of us,” says Desiree Haller, co-founder of Social Bands. “And while most of us are ready to get back to business, we need to find new ways to be considerate, especially to those who are immunocompromised or have a loved one who is.”

Haller says ideally the wristbands will be provided at convention centres or other venues (along with signage for explanation), and attendees will be given the option to choose the colour that best matches their preference before entering. This would allow exhibitors to know how to treat each person that walks up to their booth.

“A big part of business is human interaction and it needs to go on,” she says. “We need trade shows to sell products and for businesses to make deals.”

Haller first came to notoriety for SubSafe, which she co-invented and pitched on Shark Tank in January 2019. The reusable, BPA-free plastic sandwich container is waterproof and floats. She, along with her partner, made a $100,000 deal (in exchange for 25 per cent) with billionaire Mark Cuban and guest Shark and former NBA player Charles Barkley. After the show, SubSafe landed a deal with Bed Bath and Beyond.


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