Award-Winning AI Contact Tracer Offers Benefits to Events Industry

Volan Technology has been recognized with the coveted Lee Prize Nevada Innovation Award for its advanced solution for enterprise-scale, precise and private contact tracing software. The artificial intelligence-based technology could enable event operators to make dramatic improvements in virus prevention and save millions of dollars in manual tracing.

“It’s an honour to be recognized by the UNLV Lee Foundation and included in such an amazing collection of innovators,” says Volan’s founder and CEO, Michael Bettua. “Our goal of designing one integrated platform to provide the highest standard of safety and security for large sites was paramount given how the hospitality landscape has changed forever. We couldn’t be more appreciative of this acknowledgment.”

The Volan Positioning System (VPS) uses micro-location geofencing technology and powerful data analytics to accurately and immediately identify both direct and indirect exposure risk across locations and over time, and calculate those most exposed using a patented scoring system that exceeds the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest guidelines for determining ‘close contact.’ As a neural mesh wireless network with zero dependency on cellular, GPS or Wi-Fi, and encrypted data, VPS is considered far more accurate and protective of privacy than smartphone-based tracing apps, cameras and manual tracing.

VPS also enables organizations to report and respond to emergencies with extraordinary speed and accuracy by knowing the exact real-time location of an incident, people affected and incident type (fire, medical, assault, intruder) with 3-D mapping, so they can prepare the most effective response.

The UNLV Lee Foundation recognized a total of eight creators who will share a $975,000 US prize. The award was created with the goal of discovering and funding innovative technologies and solutions that make the food and beverage, hospitality, casino, sports and entertainment, and travel industries a safe place for employees and guests in the post-pandemic world.


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