New App Provides Businesses with Contact Tracing Capabilities

A northern Ontario start-up has created an easy-to-use mobile tool to help organizations manage the health and contact information of visitors — whether an employee, client, participant or customer — prior to point of entry.

The versatile web-based app, saniTrakr, can be customized according to unique business needs.

“Each organization has its own requirements for capturing COVID-19-related information,” says saniTrakr co-founder, Robbie Saunders. “Whether it’s a manufacturer ensuring safety protocols are being met for employees, a medical office checking in patients, a sports organization or school taking attendance, or a restaurant welcoming guests, saniTrakr is a contactless solution for any business, regardless of size.”

The all-inclusive platform allows organizations to speed up their pre-screening process, eliminate paperwork and securely access records for future reference.

With built-in screening capability, businesses can use saniTrakr to offer mobile health questionnaires pre-arrival. For those only requiring contact tracing, saniTrakr uses unique QR codes and any smartphone device to obtain visitor contact information.

Upon completion of a questionnaire or submission of contact information, all data is securely stored and can be accessed through an online management console, allowing an assigned administrator to track historical data and submit reports to local public health authorities.


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