Informa Markets Launches Program Aimed at Removal of Disposable Stands

Informa Markets is setting new industry standards with the launch of its Better Stands program, which is aimed at encouraging exhibitors to build cost-effective, high-quality stands made from reuseable materials.

The goal is to create a better experience for customers and a more sustainable approach to constructing stands at in-person events globally, aiding both the physical and green recovery of the events industry.

“As we return to the show floor, we want to create an environment that is easier to do business than ever, with more consistent and quality standards, so that our physical events are truly better than ever,” says Steve Smith, COO of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region of Informa Markets.

Changing from disposable stands to ones made with reusable materials will ensure easier assembly and dismantling, reduced construction times and decreased exhibitor waste by more than 90 per cent on the show floor, accelerating the fulfillment of Informa Market’s carbon neutral target.

“Informa Markets has committed to being leaders for sustainable change in our industry. We are working closely with industry peers to develop improved approaches that make the physical events industry better — better quality, better builds, better stands — all of which create better customer experiences whilst being more sustainable,” says Informa’s head of sustainability, Ben Wielgus. “We are optimistic our association partners and peers will join us as part of our collaborative effort to drive the industry forward in a more sustainable way.”

The Better Stands program aims to achieve the removal of all disposable stands in the EMEA region by 2024.

Informa Markets’ parent company, Informa, recently launched its FasterForward commitments, which includes goals of having carbon neutral products and reducing event waste by 50 per cent by 2025.


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