Hilton Introduces Hybrid Solutions for Meetings and Events

Hilton has introduced a set of hybrid solutions to address the dramatic shift away from in-person meetings and events during the pandemic.

The new offerings, which will continue to evolve alongside customer needs, direct event planners to Hilton’s hybrid-ready hotels while also providing them with additional resources, including an expanded ‘playbook’ with in-depth information on planning and executing small hybrid events and flexible customer offers for a more seamless contract experience.

“Hilton has remained a leader in the meetings and events industry for more than 100 years by listening intently and innovating quickly to changing customer needs,” says Martin Rinck, Hilton’s executive vice-president and chief brand officer. “Hilton EventReady Hybrid Solutions were born out of our continued commitment to excellence — from accessing the capabilities of our global portfolio to rolling out a suite of extensive event planner resources to ensure we can deliver the optimum overall event experience.”

As part of the Hilton EventReady Hybrid Solutions, participating hotels will have access to comprehensive team member training resources to build and strengthen their knowledge in hybrid events, which will continue to be critical in the near-term.

Hotels will also offer IT readiness. Each will have undergone an evaluation to assess its available IT bandwidth and infrastructure to meet the requirements of small hybrid events. To be deemed ‘hybrid-ready,’ hotels are required to have a minimum amount of incremental and available bandwidth that is above and beyond their average circuit utilization level. This requirement allows for seamless communication and connectivity to optimize the hybrid experience within the hotel while providing easy access for virtual attendees.

Additionally, Encore (formerly PSAV) is offering several event technology packages created for small hybrid events at participating hotels in addition to Presentation Stages, a production-ready event solution equipped with critical broadcast technology and staging equipment that helps elevate event messaging and engagement. Presentation Stages offer a clean and safe pre-built location to produce, record and/or broadcast a high-quality online event. The Hilton properties equipped with event technology will accommodate between two to six on-site presenters and up to 50 in-person attendees.


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