New Guide Aims to Help Event Organizers Emerge from Pandemic Better Positioned

The Events Industry Council (EIC) has released a new guidebook to assist events professionals amidst major disruptions like the current global pandemic.

“It is critical we continue to raise the notion of resilience and adaptions to drive innovative practices,” says EIC CEO, Amy Calvert. “A resource that aggregates and curates principles of business continuity will support industry professionals and organizations as they work to strengthen their business models and prepare for recovery and their future relevance.”

The Business Continuity Accepted Practices Guide focuses on how organizations can prepare for future disruptions; how businesses reliant on in-person events can navigate through a crisis when traditional face-to-face event models are not possible; curating business continuity resources for event professionals; and understanding and implementing value-based adaptions and innovations.

“Continuing to operate through the pandemic puts many business continuity plans to the test,” says Amy Ledoux, chief learning and meetings officer for the American Society of Association Executives. “This guide delivers a methodology, case studies and resources to build a plan to come out stronger and better positioned.”

The guide presents a three-stage framework for recovery: assess, adapt and accelerate. This framework may be applied to any business.

“(It) helps organizations of all types re-think their strategies, diversify their revenue streams and pivot quickly,” says Chuck Ghoorah, co-founder and president of sales and marketing at Cvent.

The Business Continuity Accepted Practices Guide is the latest guide produced by EIC’s Apex COVID-19 business recovery task force.


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