Sudbury’s Surprising Venues

There are events that “check the box” and those that get remembered. Planning for the latter means taking your groups to destinations with unique experiences and unconventional venues. Sure, it can be tempting to search beyond Canada’s borders, but a glance north of Toronto will reveal that there are plenty of surprises waiting for meeting and event planners in the City of Greater Sudbury.

Need a reason to head north? Sudbury has become home to event spaces designed to pique interests, spur conversations, and make memories. Granted, access to these venues has been temporarily impacted by COVID-19 health and safety measures, but each is waiting to surprise your groups when it is safe to travel.

Consider these five examples:

  1. Science North & Dynamic Earth: Ever hosted a reception seven stories underground? Served up a meal in a hollowed-out cave? Science North and Dynamic Earth can take your group to another world entirely. From the trendy Copper Cafe to the state-of-the-art Epiroc Theatre Dynamic Earth is home to event spaces that are sure to make an impression. Science North is also equipped to entertain guests. The atmospheric Vale Cavern is sure to impress. With stylish event rooms, exhibition halls, and engaging reception areas with interactive exhibits-that you won’t find anywhere else.

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  2. Northern Watersports Centre: Offering an awe-inspiring view of Ramsey Lake, this modern venue puts the best of Ontario’s North on display. With adaptable spaces and unparalleled surroundings, the Northern Watersports Centre has fast become a hot spot for corporate events, personal gatherings, and celebrations of various sizes.


  3. Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre (ISLC): Located at the Laurentian University, this iconic space is designed to showcase and celebrate Indigenous culture. Opened in 2017, the ISLC features 7,500 square feet of space for use by meeting and event planners looking to weave history, art, and traditional Indigenous practices into the plans. The space includes a “round room” inspired by wigwam designs, classrooms, a smudging area, and amenities for preparing indigenous cuisine.

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  4. Crosscut Distillery It’s a blend of stylish décor, refreshing tastes, and a fun vibe that makes Sudbury’s Crosscut Distillery a popular choice for group socials. This local distillery offers a menu to raise anyone’s spirits, and its unique event rooms provide an intimate space for networking.
  5. Local Breweries: For further proof that the North has good taste, look no further than Sudbury’s supply of local breweries. Locales such as Stack46 North, and Optimist blend ambiance, style, and exceptional service that make them ideal for an after-hours reception, group meeting, and making connections.

There are plenty of surprises waiting for groups in Sudbury. When you’re ready to ramp up physical meetings, consider staying in Canada and trusting your plans to the North.

Learn what Sudbury has to offer your next meeting or event. Visit Discovery Sudbury online or call Kelly Bonnell, Major Events Development Officer, at 705-688-8515.

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