Event Companies come Together to Elevate Remote Live Experiences

Two Western Canadian event companies have teamed up to tackle the growing demand for high-end hybrid and virtual events.

Experience Factory, a joint venture by OneWest Event Design and Orange Frog Productions, is a 7,000-square-foot private broadcasting studio and hybrid event space fully equipped with both the technology and talent to deliver a virtual event on par with the streaming services, cable networks and awards shows regularly enjoyed remotely.

OneWest is an event management and design company in Calgary and Vancouver. Orange Frog specializes in event lighting and design for corporate and private events.

The goal of OneWest’s Dustin Westling and Orange Frog’s Pierre Marleau is to not only bring experience and quality back to the forefront, but to leapfrog the events industry into a future where live events are routinely offered with highly desirable remote options, alongside VIP and in-person experiences.

Along with live events, Experience Factory will service existing and burgeoning demand for recorded content for meetings and conferences, product launches, and even television and commercials. Its studio is one of the largest in Canada, outfitted with high-end sets, multiple stages and cameras, integrated audio-visual, lighting and design technology, green rooms and production offices.

Experience Factory is led and staffed by a fully COR certified team of professionals, with dedicated health and safety coordinators in place to oversee an exhaustive list of industry-leading protocols and state-of-the-art safety features.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on countless businesses in Canada, but perhaps no sector has been harder hit than the events industry. With legislation preventing in-person gatherings of any significant size in place across the country since early March 2020, event professionals have found themselves searching for ways to safely and legally stay active and viable through the lockdowns and restrictions.

At the same time, non-profits, festivals, meetings and conferences, and corporations and brands have been left trying to reimagine important fundraising, arts, community engagement and employee events in a way that will carry their organizations through this time and to the other side.


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