Hotel Chain Incentivizes Vaccination with Financial Reward

Employees at Marriott hotels will receive the equivalent of four hours of pay if they get vaccinated for COVID-19.

The hotel chain made the announcement March 4.

Marriott International is confident that vaccination is a key measure, along with mask wearing, social distancing and stepped up cleanliness protocols and hygiene practices, in minimizing the spread of COVID-19,” says Marriott’s global chief human resources officer, David Rodriguez. “As vaccines become more widely available, this will create a safer environment for all associates, and we believe that consumer confidence to travel again will increase significantly and help the rebound of the travel and tourism sector.”

As part of its Vaccination Care Program, Marriott is also providing education on the benefits of vaccination and directing leaders to allow for schedule flexibility for vaccination appointments. Vaccination, however, is not mandated.

“Our goal is to remove potential obstacles to getting vaccinated so our associates can put their health first and have peace of mind,” says Rodriguez.

Employees across all Marriott brands in Canada and the U.S. will be compensated for half a day’s wage upon vaccination.

Marriott says the broad distribution and adoption of vaccines — for travellers and industry employees — are key drivers of economic recovery. Recent research indicates half of consumers in the U.S. see vaccine distribution as vital to travel. For many consumers, vaccination is a gating factor to their ability to confidently get back on the road for leisure or business travel.



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