PMIC Partners with MediaEdge on New Building Operator Designation Program

The Property Management Institute of Canada (PMIC) and MediaEdge Communications are partnering to develop a series of certificates that will lead to a new Canadian building operator designation.

Real estate industry professionals across Canada helped to shape the program and will continue doing so based on concerns about existing skills gaps, industry shortages of skilled building operators, and the need to create a career path to support both the advancement and recognition of building operation as an occupation.

“We are excited to partner with MediaEdge to jointly develop and deliver this timely and important designation program for the benefit of the Canadian real estate industry and, more specifically, for building operators,” says PMIC chair, Peter MacHardy. “The designation program will establish a baseline for building operations professionals while increasing their skills and competencies related to a number of important aspects of operating a building.”

The program will provide building operators with specific information that will help them advance their overall skills and knowledge, prepare them to select and liaise with various facility product and service suppliers, and to remain informed on new emerging technologies and government legislations. The intent will be to work cooperatively with relevant and existing programs where there is an overlap to establish a comprehensive program that recognizes all the skills necessary to be a building operator.

“We are very excited to be involved with this important designation program and look forward to working with PMIC, the building operator community, our valued association partners and industry suppliers,” says MediaEdge senior vice-president, Chuck Nervick. “We recognize the importance of this designation program, as well as its associated benefits, and we look forward to moving this very worthwhile initiative forward in a timely and industry-collaborative fashion.”

Earning the overall designation will require the completion of all certificates or, in lieu of a given certificate, the completion of other licences or programs that meet certain requirements. Every certificate will consist of several modules that will be delivered in the form of 20-minute videos, each followed by an associated exam. The number of modules per certificate will vary and focus on the necessary requirements that building operators will need to demonstrate their competency. It is estimated there will be approximately eight modules/videos/exams per certificate.

Individual certificates within the designation program include building automation systems, ventilation/cooling systems, water treatment, customer service, heating systems, chillers/refrigeration, energy management, security/life safety, smart buildings and electrical systems, among others.

For additional program details and information, contact Chuck Nervick at [email protected] or 416-803-4653.


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