National Trade Show Alliance Launches

The National Trade Show Alliance has launched, founded in response to the challenges faced by individuals in the trade show community. “Our community members are those whose livelihood comes from the work created by in-person events, such as trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions,” says the Alliance website about the recent venture.

“By creating a centralized platform, the National Trade Show Alliance will help community members find the support and resources they need right now and for their growth in the future. We work in partnership with other organizations to provide a central point to share the good works and advocacy being done by our many allied industry associations.”

The “Together Let’s Be the Voice” campaign is aimed at building awareness of the industry. “Serving as a contact point to connect media with a wide variety of human-interest stories, we will gain visibility by shining a spotlight on our vast talents, skills, and strengths.”

The National Trade Show Alliance will contribute to, and make accessible, GAP PLAN guidance for opening business events safely, regionally and nationally. For more information on the new alliance, visit


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